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The best barbers in Liverpool

Are you from Liverpool and on the hunt for the best-rated barbers near you? Or maybe you are staying in the city for a while and looking to get a quick shave? Whichever the case may be, you may feel slightly overwhelmed trying to get a grasp of where to find the most fitting barber shop. After all, not all of them share the same characteristics - everything from the scope of services to their prices may be drastically different. Liverpool offers a very diverse range of barber shops and with the right tool, you can find yourself a perfect match. The tool in question is Booksy, a free booking platform that allows you to easily search for the most suitable options based on selected criteria.

What services are offered in barber shops in Liverpool?

Liverpool is a huge city and therefore you basically can find any type of barber shop services there. If you are not entirely sure what you are looking for, check out our short cheat sheet explaining the most popular types of treatments.

Regular haircut

When checking the menu of a barber shop, you can notice a service called a “regular haircut”, “traditional haircut”, “short haircut” or even “plain haircut”. Sometimes you’ll also find a service named “haircut” with a fixed price and then another service of the same name but with price brackets instead. It usually indicates the most simple of cuts performed with a razor. If you are looking for a clean, low-maintenance look and don’t want to spend either too much time or money getting it, it will be a perfect service for you.

Specialist haircuts

If you are going for a more interesting hairstyle, you can choose a mohawk cut, a tapered cut, a buzz cut, a pompadour, a faux hawk, and undercut or anything in between. These “specialist haircuts” usually require more time, a bigger budget and a willingness to maintain the effect by styling and coming back for regular retouches.


A “fade” is a type of cut that is characterised by a gradual hair length tampering which results in a very appealing ombre effect. It’s relatively difficult to provide and requires special skill, experience and particular tools to perform. Fade cuts are usually paired with another type of hairstyle - for example, you can ask for a textured pompadour on top with faded sides.

Shaves (including a hot towel shave)

You can either go for a full, clean shave or ask the barber to adorn your face with short, medium or long stubble, a goatee, and imperial shave or a plethora of different kind of sideburns and moustaches. But keep in mind the more complicated the shave, the more expensive it will be.

Hot towel shave is a type of close shave that is upgraded to a truly luxe experience by using a warm piece of cloth that is supposed to open the client’s pores and expose the hair follicles more. This way, the barber can achieve a much closer shave. The additional benefit of this technique is that it is very relaxing and pleasant to experience.

Beard grooming

Beard grooming is a very popular service that focuses on making one’s facial hair as good-looking as possible. It usually includes washing, trimming and conditioning the beard. Oftentimes barbers that offer this service are also great advisors when it comes to the way you should maintain your beard and will be able to recommend proper products, such as combs and beard oils.

How to find the best barber shops in Liverpool

All you have to do is use Booksy! Depending on your personal preferences, you can either visit Booksy’s website or download the convenient Booksy app. Then you need to set the location preferences (you can choose the entire city, a particular part of Liverpool or use the “search near me” option) and then sort the results by “Recommended by Booksy” or “Top reviewed”.

How to find barber shops in Liverpool that are open now

Do you want to quickly find out which barbers are open near you? No problem! Once again, use Booksy’s website or app and search for barber shops that are located near you. Our search engine allows you to choose the preferred date and time of the appointment. The search results will display salons that are open when it’s convenient for you.