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Perfectly manicured fingernails are essential for maintaining a confident and groomed look. Fortunately, London offers a wide selection of luxury manicures to keep your nails in tip-top shape. Apart from the basic nail treatments, you can enjoy the best French manicures at various spas in London. Book a French Manicure Appointment Online in London French nails are a beauty staple due to their iconic, understated and meticulously preened look. Besides, a French manicure keeps the nails vibrant and polished, suitable for formal and casual occasions. If you want to pamper yourself with a French manicure in London, use Booksy to find the best nail salons within your proximity. You can choose a suitable nail salon depending on your location and ratings of the spa. Use the filter option to identify merchants offering French manicures and read the user reviews to decide the best nail salon for your treatment. Not Sure What a French Manicure Specialist Does? The massage and nail care technique for French manicure is similar to other spa manicure procedures. The major difference is the nail polish colour and painting technique. Most classic manicures use one nail polish to paint your nails, but French manicures use different colours for the tips. A French manicure involves cleaning and soaking your hands in lotion-infused warm water to soften the nails and skin. The manicurist will also massage your hands, trim or shape your nails, push back the cuticles and smoothen the nail surface. After shaping the nails and moisturising your hands, the painting begins. French manicure has two colours, one on the bed of the nail and a different colour at the tip. Classic variations use white tips and pink or beige on the nail bed to create a professional and polished look. However, modern variations use different colours for the tips. Besides, some manicurists incorporate nail art or glittery polish with neutral nail beds. When applying the nail polish, the manicurists will first apply the basecoat and create the white tips when the polish dries. The specialist will then apply a top coat to enhance the durability of the polish. The classic pink polish dresses your natural nails well, and the white tips provide a versatile look that works well with a wedding dress or jeans. You can also match your tips to your toenails with a French pedicure. How to Choose the Best French Manicurist in London You will find hundreds of manicurists in London, but Booksy can help you narrow down to the best specialists. Our search engines allow you to filter based on the nail treatment you want and location. When you select nail salons to choose from, you can view the ratings to pick a merchant with the best services. Customer reviews and testimonials will also give you an idea of the services you will get from various French manicurists available at Booksy. How Much Does a French Manicure Cost? The cost of a French manicure in London varies based on the durability of the nail treatment and the nail salon. However, you can get a decent French manicure without forking out a lot of cash. You can also use a mobile nail salon to get a French manicure at home at a relatively affordable price. At Booksy, you will have an extensive collection of French manicurists, and you can compare the prices with the services you want. How to Find French Manicurists Open Now Booksy will help you get the best French manicure specialists at your preferred appointment time. Our search engine allows you to filter the preferred time and date for your appointment. Therefore, you will have a list of nail salons available for booking during your convenient time. You can also access the business working hours of the merchants and schedule an appointment within business hours. Cheap French Manicure Specialist in London In London, the price variations are steep due to factors such as location and specialised services. Consequently, sifting through various nail salons for an affordable manicure can be challenging. Luckily, Booksy provides pricing information for every French manicurist to help you choose a service that suits your budget. French Manicure Specialist Near You If you want to get the best French manicure nearby, the location filter at Booksy will come in handy. You can filter the nail salons offering French manicures in your area. Alternatively, you can use the map view to check out the French manicurist available within your location.