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Whether you’re a visitor or a local here, there’s a wide variety of activities available to do in London, but one thing’s for certain—you’ll be doing a lot of walking. So, no matter if you’re strolling around Oxford Street to do a bit of shopping or you’re marching about the city to hit up all the famous landmarks, you’ll eventually want to treat your feet to some rest and relaxation. There’s a chance you may have already thought to yourself, “where can I find pedicure specials near me?”, so we’re ready to present you with the best booking application for all health, beauty, and wellness services! That application is Booksy, which will serve as your personal database and guide to booking the best pedicures in London. Getting started is simple—download the Booksy app to your smartphone or access on the web! What is a pedicure and how does it work? A manicure is to the hands, as a pedicure is to the feet—this type of service is a treatment that focuses on caring for and maintaining the overall health and appearance of the feet. Pedicures are not only a popular method of unwinding, but they also have an assortment of health benefits that come with them including increased blood circulation, improvement of nail health, and infection prevention, to name a few. If you’ve never had a pedicure before, or simply want to refresh your memory of what the process of pedicure treatments entails, we’ll explain to you how it works. The first step of a pedicure usually includes removing any existing nail polish and soaking the feet to prep them for the next steps within the process. Once your feet have finished soaking, your nail technician will push back your cuticles, trim and file your toenails, as well as exfoliate your feet, getting rid of any calluses. Next, it’s time for a restorative massage to help loosen up tight muscles in the feet and calves, moisturizing these areas as a finishing touch. Finally, the last optional step is applying a new coat of nail varnish if you’d like to add a pop of colour to your rejuvenated toes. How do I choose a business that offers the best pedicure in London? If you’re choosing to schedule an appointment through Booksy, you’ll have no shortage of options when it comes to finding the best pedicure in London. Just one of many positive assets of Booksy is that clients are able to leave feedback on services booked through our platform—this means that you’ll be able to read credible reviews from other customers, which will help you in choosing the best nail salon for you. You can also use the Booksy search engine bar by filling in your criteria and then, once your results have appeared, selecting the “Sort by” button and picking between either “Recommended by Booksy” or “Top Reviewed”. How do I find businesses that offer pedicures open now? Calling nail salons to ask about their hours of operation is a thing of the past—with Booksy you don’t need to dial any numbers to inquire about business hours, which are conveniently listed on each of our merchants’ personal Booksy business pages. There’s also a quick hack to finding the currently open pedicure businesses near you, which you can utilize through a Booksy search. Simply fill in which service you want to schedule an appointment for (pedicure), where you’re currently located (London, England), and a suitable time for your nail salon appointment. For the final field, you can always choose any time but the hack we mentioned earlier is selecting the time and date closest to the current one, which will yield results of salons open now. Pedicure near me Searching for pedicures in London is now made easy, with Booksy. To find salons near you, all you’ll need to do is perform a search using Booksy’s search engine—when filling out the location box, just make sure you have your current location set to London! Once you’re done, you can browse through your options below and make your selection, but because London is a vast city, you can also further narrow down your listings by selecting the “Filters and Localization” tool to specify results by district.