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Nail Extensions in London

Nail extensions are one of the most popular beauty treatments in London. If you are unhappy with the state of your natural nails and want to improve their look or want something to add vibrancy and personality to your hands, then nail extensions are the perfect thing to choose. London has plenty of top quality nail clinics where a qualified professional can give your nails the makeover that they deserve and that you want! Read on to find out all of the relevant information you need about nail extensions, what they are, how many kinds there are, and where you can find the best treatments in London. Book Nail Extension Appointment Online In London Thanks to Booksy, it has never been easier to book a nail appointment in London. Rather than knowing which nail extensions spas nearby are open for business, all you need to do is type in your location to Booksy and you will receive a list of all the available places that are offering the service you require. To make things even easier, you can then go ahead and book an appointment online via the web page or app rather than having to go through the individual spa's own website. The Booksy website can be used on smartphones, laptops and tablets. It is also available as an app which makes it even easier to find a nail salon near you offering the service you want. With Google integration, Booksy works on any browser. Types Of Nail Extensions So, now that you know how easy is it to use Booksy for a nail appointment, it's time to decide what kind of treatment you actually want! Here is a rundown of different types of nail extensions: Acrylics - A mixture of acrylic powder and liquid that is sculpted over the top of the nail. Available almost everywhere and very durable with copious colour options. Hard Gel - A premixed pot solution that is applied to the nail and then dried under a UV lamp. Very flexible and strong with a variety of colours to choose from and self levelling properties. Acrygel - A newer product that is a combination of acrylics and hard gel, producing natural looking nail extensions that are incredibly durable and available in a number of different colours. Express Nails - Similar to a stick and press on fake nail, this a full coverage tip and gel that is applied and cured under a UV lamp. Only available as transparent tips on their own. Dip Powder - A solution for shorter extensions, consisting of powder, resin and an activator that makes the nails strong and durable. There are more kinds of nail extensions that you can opt for, it all depends on the skill and qualifications of the technicians at your chosen nail bar. If there is a certain type of treatment that you are interested in, you can always ask the spa in advance if they offer it or not before booking your appointment. It is a good idea to understand not just the type of nail extensions but also their maintenance, how long they last, any special care requirements and how and when they are removed. Your nail technician will be able to advise on all of this and will also help you choose which treatment is best for you – particularly important for first time nail extensions. If you are going to paint your newly extended nails or are a fan of nail art, you should also request advice on products. Some types of nail varnish work better with different types of nail extensions. How To Choose The Best Nail Technician In London For a simple way to find which salons and bars offer nail extensions near you that might be the best fit for what you want, you can sort through the options using the Booksy reviews filter. The more reviews collected for a certain bar/spa, the more highly it is going to be recommended on our site, so you can be assured that you are being presented with the best possible options in London. Reviews help you choose a nail bar that other customers have found to be clean and safe and a with a good atmosphere with qualified technicians. How Much Do Nail Extensions Cost? The total cost of nail extensions will vary depending what kind of treatment you want, and what specific location you are getting them done in. Some cities will charge more than others, but if you are looking for a general estimate, then in London prices for full sets can start from as low as £25 all the way up to £50 for the very best nails and very best technicians. How To Find Nail Technicians Open Now? We aim to have the opening hours for all our listed places offering nail extensions in London but it is always best to double check, especially if you want appointments early or late in the day. You can sort our list to find nail bars that are currently open that are also conveniently located near to your home or work. Cheap Nail Extensions In London If you are looking for the cheapest possible option for nail extensions near you, then the easiest thing to do is use our search engine and then filter by price. Doing this from lowest to highest cost means that the least expensive spas will show up first on the list, and you will be able to choose from there. Nail Extensions Near You Another helpful feature of our search facility is the ability to filter by location. You can opt to see first the spas that are closest to your chosen location, which means that you can book an appointment to make your nail extensions trip as close as possible to your home or your place of work. Use Booksy to find a nail bar near you that is open and offers the nail extension service you want.