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Whether you’re looking for a next to Piccadilly Gardens, somewhere in Gay Village, or closer to the Northern Quarter, Booksy is here to help you browse through some of the best beauty salons in Manchester! And not only browse through, but also book an appointment online! With the abundance of beauty salons out there, choosing the best one for you may prove a bit challenging. Fortunately, Booksy can help you out with both finding the perfect salon and making an appointment. With millions of users, Booksy is the go-to platform for booking beauty services. We truly try to think about our user’s needs, so whether you’re more used to using your computer, or a mobile phone type of person, we’ve got you covered! You can access Booksy either through our Booksy website or open our Booksy app. The great thing about our app is that it is available for free, both for iOS and Android operated devices.  How can you get started on Booksy? Ok, so you’re looking at Booksy now, what you’ll want to do next is find the search bar at the top of your screen. There will be two things you’ll need to type in for our search engine to start–your location and what service you are looking for. Here of course you will be looking for a beautician in Manchester. Once that information is filled in, you’ll see a list of beauty salons appear. Pretty cool, isn’t it Great, but how do I find some of the best beauty salons in Manchester? We ended at the moment where you see a list of beauty salons. What you can do next is choose how you want the results to be sorted, you can go for the “Recommended by Booksy” or “Top Reviewed” option. Let us explain how one of our great features work! You see, after each finished appointment, our users have the possibility to leave ratings and write reviews, you will also have such an option as well! So when choosing a beauty salon you can read through feedback, look at the ratings, and make an informed decision if this is truly the place you want to go to! What types of services can I get at beauty salons in Manchester? We can pretty much say sky's the limit here! With plenty of salons, you can find a myriad of possible services. If you need something done with your hair you can opt for a haircut or colouring. In need of some relaxation? Why not go get a massage! If you want to simply treat yourself and look extra, there are salons that specialise in eyelash services and nail services. Maybe you’re just before going on vacation to some tropical destination and want to have extra smooth legs? On Booksy you can easily book a waxing appointment as well! The best thing is you can browse through services offered by these beauty salons without leaving your house or searching website by website, when you use Booksy, you’ve got everything in one place! Ok, so how can I find a beauty salon near me specifically? Back to the booking process we go! Let’s say you have the list of beauty salons in Manchester in front of you. Sure, you’ll see addresses, but often they won’t tell you much. Here is where the “Map View” comes in. Whether you’re looking on the website or on the app, you’ll see a “Map View” button. As you have probably guessed, this button will make a map of Manchester pop up. However, this map will take away the need for you to open a new tab each time and look for those salons. In our Map View you’ll see each salon conveniently pinpointed. Based on that you can later choose the one that has the best location for you! How can I find beauty salons open now? First things first, remember our booking process, right? So let's skip forward to the moment when you have your beauty salon and service chosen. What you’ll want to do next is hit the “Book” button. After doing so, the salon’s schedule will pop up. You’ll be able to choose what date and time (divided by morning, afternoon and evening) suits you best. Additionally, if you simply want to check out what time a salon opens or closes, you can check out the Contact & Business Hours section in the salon’s profile. You won’t have to have any doubts