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If you’re located in Manchester, England and have the itch to ink up your body, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the number of tattoo shops in your area. From small, minimalist designs to complex and intricate pieces, you’ll be able to locate the best tattoo artist in Manchester for the job by using Booksy! Booksy is one simple application that does it all—using our app, you’ll not only be able to browse through businesses and set up an appointment to your desired tattoo parlour in Manchester but there are also many other perks of using Booksy like being able to read through credible client reviews and locate tattoo shops open now. Getting started is easy, just head over to Booksy.com on the web or download the mobile application to your iOS or Android smartphone! Not sure what is a tattoo shop? Before we delve into what tattoo shops are, let’s first go over the basics and talk about what a tattoo itself is. Tattooing is a form of permanent body art that is created by depositing specialized skin-safe pigments into the dermis layer of the skin. Though it continues to rise in popularity, tattooing is not a recent discovery and has actually been around since the beginning of time, with the oldest known evidence of tattoos dating back to as far as 3100 BC. Now that we’ve covered that, let’s move on to tattoo shops! Also referred to as tattoo parlours, tattoo shops are simply establishments where you can go to get a tattoo done. Tattoos are done by professionals trained in this field, holding the title of tattoo artist, tattooer, or tattooist—which are all one and the same. Tattoos will fall into one of the three main categories of tattoo designs which can be symbolic, decorative, or pictorial. The majority of tattoo artists can typically execute a number of different art styles; however, certain artists may specialize in a particular style and primarily focus their skillset and craft on designs that fit that style. How do I choose the best tattoo artist in Manchester? Choosing the best tattoo artist in Manchester can seem tricky, especially with so many options of tattoo parlours around, and with each shop housing multiple artists. However, there’s no reason to get overwhelmed, because Booksy will aid you in choosing the best option! You can start out by using the Booksy search bar to perform a search by filling out the necessary criteria. Once your options of tattoo shops have been listed below, you’ll be able to click the “Sort by” feature and select either “Recommended by Booksy” or “Top Reviewed”—both of which choices will allow you to view the top picks. How do I find tattoo shops open now? If you’d like to locate tattoo shops open now, you can easily do so with a Booksy search. If you haven’t already downloaded the Booksy app for your smartphone, we recommend doing so, so that you can always book on the go! Otherwise, feel free to use your preferred web browser on your computer to access Booksy.com. The only thing you’ll need to do is complete the three required fields in our search bar—just input the service you want to schedule an appointment for, your current location, and a timeframe for your appointment. Which appointment time you select is up to you, but if you’d like to see which tattoo parlours are currently open, you’ll want to choose a date and time that is closest to the current one. Tattoo shops near me “Where can I get a tattoo near me?”, seems to be the golden question these days—and thankfully, we have a golden answer! With Booksy, locating health, beauty, and wellness services nearby, including tattoo shops, is super easy. The way to do it is, by again, performing a search on Booksy. After you’ve filled out the search fields with your personal information and your options of listings have been generated, all it takes is clicking on the “Map View” button, which will give you a helpful visual of tattoo businesses near you, which will further aid you on your journey of booking an appointment at the best tattoo shop in Manchester!