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Known for its rich cultural scene, Manchester is a vibrant city, bustling both day and night. Beating its own unique rhythm, no wonder that the beauty scene is also diverse in this marvelous city. With so much always going on, it may be difficult to find good hairdressers in Manchester. Luckily, Booksy is here to help you locate the best hair stylist that will be perfect for you! A few words about Booksy– If you can never get a hold of a hairdresser when you call, or simply keep forgetting to call and then remember about it once you’re comfortably tucked in bed, Booksy might just be the perfect tool for you! Booksy was created to help you easily book a beauty appointment, as hassle-free as possible. Now, this tool of the future is available for you for free! How to get started The cool thing about Booksy is that you don’t have to choose, computer over mobile, or the other way round. You can either visit our Booksy website, or download the Booksy app, available for both Android and iOS operated phones. Now, once you have Booksy in front of your eyes, the fun begins. At the tip of your fingers, you can instantly browse hair salons around you. All you have to do is locate the search bar at the top of the screen. There you’ll type on two fields–your current location and what services you’re looking for. In this scenario, you’ll be looking for “hair salons” in Manchester. Once you hit that search button, or tap if of course, a list of hair salons will show up. Wasn’t that fast? But how can I find the best hair stylist? Not to brag, but Booksy has millions and millions of awesome users. It’s these great people who can help you make an informed decision when looking for a hair salon. After visiting the place for an appointment, they can leave a rating and write a review. These ratings and reviews allow you to sort the hair salons in Manchester in one of two ways–by “Recommended by Booksy” or by “Top Reviewed.” No more going in blind, you’ll be able to choose which salon will suit your needs best.  What services can I get at a hair salon? The most classic reason why we go to a hair salon? A trim or haircut of course! Here on Booksy, you’ll be able to find many talented hair stylists, who’ll be able to cut you those curtain bangs you’ve always wanted, or simply freshen up your hair by cutting a bit off the edges.  Colouring services are the next most popular reason we visit a hair salon. Maybe it’s time you get your roots touched-up, or maybe you’ve decided you want to try a completely new hair colour, whatever the reason, this is the sign to do so!  Some occasions just call for a hair styling at a salon. Whether it’s getting those Hollywood curls or intricate braids, a hair salon is the place to go. So book an appointment if there’s a wedding or important event in the near future! How can I find hair salons open now? Don’t worry, we thought about this feature as well! Once you type into the search bar your location and desired service, you’ll have the option to choose what dates interest you. That way, when the list of hair salons near you shows up, you’ll know that they have a time slot for a date that works for you. Next, once you choose your hair salon and service, you’ll be presented with the salon’s schedule. You’ll be able to choose a time slot, based on the time of day you prefer (morning, afternoon and evening). Finally, you can also simply check out when the salon is open. Head to the right side of the screen on the salon’s profile. There you’ll see their operating hours.  How can I find a hair salon near me? No more juggling multiple tabs, searching for salons by “hairdresser near me,” or any of those things. A Booksy feature definitely worth mentioning is our “Map View.” This feature is available once you’ve got the list of hair salons in front of your eyes. Click on the “Map View” button and see where exactly on the map all the listed salons are located. This way you can choose the salon with the best location for you!