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Manchester is renowned for its wide range of barber shops. The choice is very diverse - you will find a perfect spot for yourself, whether you are looking for a quick, affordable fade done on the spot, or want to experience a beard grooming ritual in a heavily stylised, vintage setting. Barber shop or a hair salon - which will suit you best? Not quite sure if a barber shop is the right option for you? Let us clear it up for you! Although a lot depends on the particular place you choose, barber shops and hair salons are usually divided by the type of services they provide as well as the tools used to perform them. For the most part, barbers target men specifically, while hair salons usually host anyone in a need of a hairstyle change. Barbers specialise in shorter and more classic styles, such as fades and flattops, and work with clippers and razors. Hairstylists, on the other hand, are more familiar with working on longer hair and are trained in scissor cutting. They also offer a wider range of services, including chemical treatments, such as colour or highlights. Is it true that most barber shops are all about quick cuts and affordable prices? Not necessarily. Yes, some barbers target mostly clients who want a low-maintenance cut and don’t want to spend much time or money getting it. However, there are many truly luxurious barber shops that are dedicated to the idea of enhancing men’s style and refinement. They specialise not only in hair cutting and beard grooming but also in perfecting eyebrows, styling moustaches, waxing nose hair and even providing skincare. No matter if you want to get a simple hairstyle on a budget or are looking for a pampering experience of your lifetime, you can find many barbers of any kind in Manchester on Booksy. Can I book my barber appointment online in Manchester? Of course you can! If you are using Booksy, the best booking system for health & beauty services, all the best barber shops in Manchester are just a click away. Our scheduling software allows you to easily find a fitting service provider, check their ratings and availability, book an appointment online, and then share your experience with other users by leaving a review. You can book whenever you want, from any device that connects to the Internet - either by using Booksy’s web page or, even better, our convenient mobile app you can download and use for free. We also have a Reserve with Google integration, so you can book directly from the browser! How can I find the best barber shop near me? It’s a piece of cake when you are using Booksy. We gathered (and continue to develop) an enormous base of local health & beauty businesses that you can browse whenever you find convenient. You can sort the barber shops by reviews and filter the results by location. You can also switch to the map view and search for barbers near you this way, and then compare their ratings. How can I find affordable barbers in Manchester? In big cities, such as Manchester, the difference between pricing in particular barber shops can be quite significant. It is affected by many factors, including (but not limited to) location. Don’t worry, however - Booksy is here to help you once again. You can easily check the pricing of businesses listed on our platform and find one that suits your needs the most. The prices of services are one of the first pieces of information you get when looking for ventures in your area, so you don’t even have to open a particular barber shop’s profile to find them. How can I find barber shops in Manchester that are open right now? Booksy’s search engine allows you to choose a preferred appointment date and time (any, morning, afternoon and evening) and lists businesses that meet your requirements. Moreover, the information on any business’ working hours is easily accessible, as all you have to do is to check the barber shop’s profile to get a full overview of their schedules. Whenever in doubt, just check Booksy out! How can I find barbers that are open near me? Do you want to find an open barber shop in your neighbourhood in Manchester? It takes just a few clicks. Use Booksy’s app or webpage and turn the location services to find businesses near you. Then you can specify even more by filtering districts by code or using a map view. To find places that can accommodate you at a given time, choose a preferred appointment date. This way you will be able to find the perfect match!