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Couples Massages in Orlando

When you want to unwind and release the tension you’ve been carrying in your muscles, a massage is the perfect way to loosen up and relax. Now imagine the intense relaxation of a massage but with your favorite person, whether it’s your significant other, sister, bestie, or mom, a couples massage is a great way to unwind together and share a relaxing and pampering experience.

What is Couples Massage?

Contrary to what some may think, a couples massage is not just limited to significant others. During a couples massage, you and your chosen second party will experience a soothing, intimate, and relaxing experience together where massage therapists work in tandem to address your aches, pains, and areas of tension. It’s a great way to spend time together, relax, or celebrate a special occasion like an anniversary.

What are the Benefits of Couples Massage?

In additional to the wonderful benefits of relaxation, pain relief, and just feeling good, a couples massage amplifies the effects by sharing a wonderful experience with someone special to you. Expect to feel a sense of shared relaxation, joy, and indulgence.

How Long Do Couples Massages Take?

A couples massage can typically last anywhere from an hour to 90 minutes.

How Much Does a Couples Massage Cost in Orlando?

In Orlando, 60 minute couples massage usually costs around $200, but add-ons like aromatherapy or hot stones will increase the price.

How to Find a Couples Massage Expert in Orlando

In Orlando, there are plenty of talented massage therapists, but how do you find the best couples massage experience in the City Beautiful? Take a look at the listings above or download the Booksy app to schedule your appointment today.