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Sports Massages in Orlando

Originally developed for serious athletes, sports massages have become increasingly popular in Orlando, where it’s considered the norm to stay physically fit all year round. Due to their many health benefits, anyone making an effort to stay in shape could benefit from a sports massage. And individuals new to spas in the area can request a sports massage without fear of a resulting injury. Benefits to Receiving a Sports Massage For the serious athlete, sports massages can help with reaching peak performance just before a big game or even after vigorous training sessions. Another benefit of sports massages is that they can help anyone recover after a tough workout by promoting flexibility, reducing fatigue and injury, while also improving endurance. Again, the key takeaway is that you don’t have to be a professional athlete to get a sports massage, since it can help anyone who regularly makes the effort to workout or remain physically active. Things to Remember Before Booking a Sports Massage Arrive well hydrated, since dehydration can stiffen muscles Laying down with a full belly isn’t fun, so it’s best to eat light beforehand Talk about any injuries or even small pains you’ve had Speak up if you experience pain during the session or if you find yourself bracing quite often Expect to move around a bit, since a sports massage isn’t an invitation to zone out Ask the masseuse to focus on the entire body, instead of just upper or lower sections See a trained professional for diagnosing a serious injury Give your body a chance to process the massage before restarting a tough training regimine Cost of a Sports Massage in Orlando One of the biggest factors to consider when thinking about the cost of a sports massage is the duration, as a sports massage can last for half an hour to almost two hours. Here’s a list of price ranges advertised by Orlando massage therapists available on Booksy: $60-80 for 60 minutes $80-100 for 90 minutes $100-120 for 120 minutes Making an Appointment Recreational weightlifters have rough training days, seasonal joggers encounter tough courses, and yogis experience intense full-body sessions. Regardless of your routine, make sure to set aside time to book a sports massage to help your body stay healthy and heal properly. Many local spas in Orlando offer sports massages. Review the listings on Booksy above to make sure a spa near you offers sports massages and book an appointment today. Articles What is a shiatsu massage Health benefits of back massage 4 relaxing massages The benefits of acupressure What Is Reiki Healing?