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The head and neck are not only one of the most prominent parts of our bodies, but they’re also one of the most common places that we tend to carry stress in, and if you’re looking for a massage style that’ll specifically ease tension within those areas then a head massage may be the ideal option for you. Locating a business that offers head massage services in Orlando, Florida has never been easier than with Booksy! Our user-friendly platform eliminates the need for calling salons and spas and provides you with an efficient online booking process, where you can set up your appointment within a matter of minutes. Download the Booksy app to your smartphone or head over to Booksy.com on your preferred browser to view head massages and many more health, beauty, and wellness services, all in one place. What is a head massage and how does it work? Have you ever booked a visit to a hair salon where you’ve taken part in a service that includes a wash? If you have, you’ve likely experienced a head massage where your stylist gently stimulated your scalp using circular movements. Head massages like these undeniably feel great, but they have many more advantages to them besides offering the sensation of a feel-good touch.  First and foremost, head massages are known to reduce tension headache symptoms, which typically cause discomfort in the head and neck regions, as well as behind the eyes. These types of massages allow the muscles connected with the head and neck to relax, in turn reducing the duration, frequency, and intensity of tension-related headaches. Apart from tension reduction, head massages also have been proven to lower blood pressure. Massaging the scalp can help promote and stimulate blood circulation in the head and surrounding areas, which is found to lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Because of the stimulation of blood circulation, regular head massages can also aid with new hair growth as well as prevent scalp conditions such as dandruff, flakiness, and dry skin. How do I choose the best head massage in Orlando? Browse through your options of the best head massage services in Orlando, Florida using the top booking application on the market—Booksy! To find the highest rated salons and spas, you’ll want to begin by completing the search field criteria in the Booksy search engine. Once you’ve finished and your listings have appeared beneath, you can click the “Sort by” button and choose one of the two provided options. Otherwise, you can also just browse through businesses individually and click on their respective Booksy business pages to view reviews left by former clients so that you can get a better idea of which business you’d like to schedule an appointment with. How much does a head massage cost? Costs regarding head massage sessions will vary based on a few different factors such as where you are located, the length of the head massage, and whether the head massage is a solo treatment or if it is a part of a larger massage package. You can typically expect to pay an average of between fifty to eighty dollars for an hour-long head massage session, however, prices can increase with time as well as add-ons like essential oils. To get an exact quote on your head massage service, we always recommend browsing through your Booksy search results, where prices are always listed next to the services. How do I find businesses that offer head massage services open now? If you want to find businesses that are open right now, you’ve come to the right place! Booksy allows you to schedule appointments around the clock, so you always have the option of checking which businesses are currently open. To do so, just start with a simple search by filling out your personal information in the required search fields. These fields include info on what service you want to book (head massage), where you’re located (Orlando, Florida), and a timeslot that works best for you. You can freely choose any timeframe for your appointment, but by selecting one that is closest to the current time and date, you’ll be able to view businesses that are currently open.   Articles What is a shiatsu massage Health benefits of back massage 4 relaxing massages The benefits of acupressure What Is Reiki Healing?