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The hair is among the most visible and important parts of the human body, in terms of appearance. Thanks to the evolution of style and beauty in human history, you can modify or change up your hair in different ways through hairstyles, wigs, hair extensions, and hair colour. Hair extensions are one of the most common hair hacks for men and women. If you are located within Chicago, you will be pleased to learn that you can now get access to the best hair extension salons in the city. A website called can help you find a salon that specializes in hair extensions in Chicago, and book an appointment online. Here are some of the reasons why you should get hair extensions: You hair appeal improves Hair extensions are advantageous in that they make the hair seem more appealing. In order to achieve a great look, we suggest that you use different hair extensions for different hairstyles for different occasions. You can consult about different hairstyles for the extensions on when you look up the best hair extensions salon in Chicago. Growing and maintaining healthy hair is not only stressful but also expensive too because of all the hair products and hair care routines you have to follow. Besides, hair that is not maintained well will always look dry, thin, and unattractive. Hair extensions help to avoid all the hair stress by adding bounce and volume to the hair. You can set different styles Unfortunately, not all hair can be set in different styles. This is because some people have short hair, thin hair, or scattered hair. Hair extensions therefore come in handy because they allow one to set as many hairstyles as they wish. The hair extensions provide room for creativity, which means that you can go to work with a different hairstyle every day. The Booksy website can give you access to amazing hair extension salons within Chicago. Book a hair extension appointment online Booking a hair appointment has never been this easy with Booksy. All you have to do is follow the following steps: Visit The landing page of Booksy contains several search bars that allow you to search what you want. Click on the main search bar that asks what you are searching for, and type in "hair extensions". Move to the next search bar labelled location and type in the word Chicago. The page will bring you results of the best hair extensions salon in Chicago. Scroll down through them as you compare their services and prices. Next to the listed hair salons are their services, price, and a "book" button. All you have to do is click on the salon of your choice to book an appointment. What does a hair extension specialist do? Once you have successfully booked an appointment and scheduled a day that is most convenient to you, you are now ready. When you get to the hair salon, the hair specialist may ask you what type of hair extensions you want. You can select the best clip in hair extensions in Chicago or choose among the following types of hair extensions: Tape in hair extensions Sew in hair extensions Fusion hair extensions Microloop hair extensions Hairpieces and wigs Glue in hair extensions Halo extensions The hair specialist will then fix the hair extension type that you select to your hair. Different hair extensions require different methods of application. For instance, the sew-in hair extensions will require the hair specialist to sew them onto your hair. Tape- in hair extensions, on the other hand, are applied with a tool that has been heated. The heated tool then heats up the strip of glue on the weft of the hair extension. The salonist will then take your hair and place it between two hair wefts with heated glue so that they can stick together. Fusion extensions can take up to three hours to be put in the hair. How to choose the best hair extension specialist in Chicago As stated earlier, the Booksy website is the best for finding the best hair extension specialists within Chicago. Since the website will bring you many options, you need to know how to select the best hair specialist. One of the most recommended ways of finding the best hair service is by going through the reviews of the hair extension salon. What are people saying about it? You can find the reviews of all the hair extension salons on The hair salon with the most positive reviews is the one you should consider because it has proof that majority of its previous clients were satisfied with the results. Another way of determining if you have chosen the best hair extension salon is asking for before and after pictures of previous clients from the salonist. This will give you first hand information of how their service will likely turn out on your hair. If you find the pictures impressive, then chances are high that you will be satisfied by the hair results too. You should also inquire from the hair specialist whether they have any training or certification before you entrust them with your hair. The last thing you want is someone using your hair to practise his or her skills. Some hair extension options like fusion and microloop are quite expensive. As such, ensure that you get a hair service worth your money by having an experienced hair specialist do your hair. How much do hair extensions cost? In Chicago, hair extensions cost between $200 and $600. The cheapest hair extensions like clip-ins can cost about $100 while the expensive professional hair extensions like fusions can cost up to $3000. How much have you budgeted for hair extensions? It is always best to select the hair extension that favors your bank account. How to find hair extension specialists now If you want to find a hair extension specialist immediately, just search for hair extension specialists in chicago on Booksy. Each hair salon will have its operating hours displayed next to their services. Select the one that will be open at that time and book an appointment. Cheap hair extension specialists in Chicago Are you looking for a cheap hair extension specialist in Chicago? On, you will find all the prices of the hair extension services of various hair salons displayed. Scroll through them, select the most affordable hair extension service, and book an appointment. Hair extension specialists near you Are you about to start searching for "hair extensions near me in Chicago?" If you are, get on, find the hair extension specialists in your area, and then book an appointment. Visit today and book an appointment with the best hair extension specialist in Chicago. It is time to give your hair a fresh new look.