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Olaplex Treatment in Chicago

Has frequent coloring left your hair dry, damaged, and brittle? Are you thinking about going lighter but are afraid to damage your hair? Adding an Olaplex treatment to your next coloring appointment can keep your beautiful tresses moisturized and strong, even after a coloring. Colorists in Chicago, Illinois recommend Olaplex as a three-step treatment: before coloring, after coloring, and as an at-home treatment once per week. Because Olaplex conditions the hair from within, rather than superficially, it does not wash out, so the benefits will last until your next coloring. How Does an Olaplex Hair Treatment Work? Stylists apply Olaplex as a three-step deep conditioning treatment alongside a traditional hair coloring appointment. Olaplex is especially beneficial for clients seeking balayage, highlights, or lighter hair through coloring, as it can prevent and repair damage brought on by the harsh chemicals used in the coloring process. Olaplex is a scientifically developed treatment that works at the molecular level. It repairs and maintains the disulphide bonds within the structure of the hair. Normally, these bonds are broken down during the coloring process, which can result in dry, brittle hair. An Olaplex treatment can be applied to restore damaged hair and to give clients insurance against breakage during coloring. How Long Does an Olaplex Hair Treatment Take? In Chicago, an Olaplex treatment typically adds about 20 minutes to a coloring appointment, as it’s applied before and during coloring. How Much Does an Olaplex Hair Treatment Cost in Chicago? Expect to pay around $40 for an Olaplex Conditioning Treatment in Chicago, Illinois. How to Find the Best Salon for an Olaplex Treatment in Chicago Are you ready to repair those damaged strands? Check out the listings above to book the best hairstylists who specialize in Olaplex hair treatments in Chicago, or download the free Booksy app to book an appointment today.