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From the Ancient Greeks who highlighted their hair by painting a mixture of olive oil, pollen, and gold flakes, to beach-going teenagers in the 70s and 80s using “sun-in” or lemon juice to lighten their hair, highlighting has been a popular hair coloring method for a very long time. Clients at Chicago salons seek out highlighting as a way to add natural depth to the hair. Stylists weave in multiple colors, shades of caramel, platinum, and deeper mocha tones can add a richness that all over color techniques simply cannot replicate. What Are Highlights? Traditional Highlights Using Foils Highlights are typically applied to the head using foils (yes, the same kind of aluminum foil you use at home in your kitchen!). The foils are folded around small slices of hair that are woven to create a natural appearance along the hairline. Your stylist may also add darker strands that are called “lowlights” in with the highlighted piece, which adds contrast resulting in a more dynamic and personalized look. Balayage While foiling has historically been one of the most popular methods for highlighting hair, more recently balayage—a French word meaning “to paint”—has emerged as a more organic and fashion-forward technique for applying highlights. During the balayage service, the stylist selects pieces to highlight based on how the hair lays and frames the face. From there, they will paint vertical stripes of color along the mid-shaft to the ends of the hair, gently fanning the color out at the scalp to create a blended look. This painterly method of applying highlights also results in a softer line of grow out than with traditional foil highlights, which makes it easy to maintain. Babylights Babylights have also become a big request at Chicago salons. While technically no different from normal highlights, babylights are woven into even smaller, finer pieces, with many thin and natural highlights woven closely to the scalp of the hair. This method is great for guests with finer hair textures who want to avoid a blocky or striped look that can sometimes occur with foiling. Stylists may also finish foil or balayage services with an all-over gloss or toner, which can help add either a requested tone like rosy pink or lavender for punkier clients or to tone down unwanted warmth or brassiness in the hair. The Cost of Highlights in Chicago, IL A partial foil (covering the top and sides of the head) generally runs about $80-120, and a full foil runs closer to $150-200. Additional services like toning or more complex corrective colors may have extra charges The Best Highlights in Chicago, Illinois Whether you are looking for an organic caramel and blonde ombré or desire a white-hot look with varying tones of lightness, Booksy has many hairstylists skilled in a variety of coloring techniques. Return to the listings above or download the Booksy app to find your stylist and book an appointment today!