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Keratin Hair Treatment in Chicago

If you’re embarrassed by unsightly frizz, and combating it with gel, mousse, and creams has you looking like John Travolta in Grease, a Keratin Complex Hair Treatment can be your way back to smooth, flowing hair, naturally. Chicago, Illinois locals might not realize that the extreme weather shifts they go through each year causes damage and wear to the natural keratin proteins that make up each strand of their hair. This results in more frequent frizz, tangles, and breakage. A keratin complex treatment can refill the pores of your hair with its natural protein. Book a keratin complex hair treatment today and your hair will thank you. How Does a Keratin Hair Treatment Work? A keratin complex hair treatment can fill in the pores in your hair with natural protein, eliminating frizz and damage. Because a keratin treatment rebuilds stressed and damaged hair, it also leads to increased shine and easier styling. During an appointment, a stylist applies a keratin straightening treatment to the hair and then uses the heat of a flat iron to seal it in. Be sure to check with your stylist beforehand if you have blond hair, as some special treatments are required for light hair colors. After your treatment, stylists recommend that clients do not apply any product to their hair, get it wet, or be outside in the humidity for at least 3 days after the treatment. This gives the keratin a chance to penetrate into each strand and ensures it will last longer. How Long Does a Keratin Complex Treatment Last? Keratin hair treatment typically lasts 6 weeks, but the use of sulfate-free products, combined with infrequent washing, can extend the treatment to 3 months. Be sure to stock up on dry-shampoo to extend your treatment to its full potential. How Long Does a Keratin Hair Treatment Take? In Chicago, keratin hair treatments begin with a consultation and typically take about 1 to 2 hours and lasts 6-9 weeks. How Much Does a Keratin Hair Treatment Cost in Chicago? After your free consultation, expect to pay around $350 for the Original Keratin Complex Treatment in Chicago, Il. How Do I Book an Appointment for a Keratin Hair Treatment in Chicago? Ready to take the plunge from frizz to shine? Check out the above listings above to book the best stylists specializing in keratin complex hair treatment in Chicago, Il, or download the free Booksy app to book an appointment today.