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Stick straight hair was a thing of the late nineties and the early aughts—these days its all about the volume and the curls, which is why the perm is making a major comeback. You can go ahead and ditch your curling iron or set of rollers and instead whip out your smartphone or computer to easily book a perm appointment in Chicago, using Booksy! Your personal hub of health, beauty, and wellness services is at your rescue for anytime you want to book an appointment in your city. With Booksy, you can schedule appointments to hundreds of businesses online, using just one simple platform. Start your hassle-free booking journey today by downloading the Booksy app on your iOS or Android device or simply use Booksy on the web, straight from your computer. What is a perm and how does it work? A perm, short for “permanent”, is a chemical hair treatment that changes the structure of the hair, resulting in waves or curls. This hair treatment method is favored by those who are looking to go for a long-term effect and don’t want to spend time curling their hair every day to achieve their desired look. When you think of the word “perm”, what comes to mind might be the big, fluffy perms that were popular in the 1980s—however, although this perm style still exists, many of today’s perms are much different, instead reflecting on-trend modern day styles, such as beach waves or bouncy ringlets. The way a perm will look in the end will primarily depend on the technique used to achieve it. There are two methods of perming hair which are known as hot or cold perms, otherwise also referred to as digital or ceramic perms. Hot or digital perms require the use of a combination of heat and an acidic solution to attain the perfect curls. With this method, the hair is typically wrapped around heated rods and is then saturated with the acid-based solution to form a loose curly or wavy hair pattern. Digital perms tend to result in very natural looking curls and are the top choice for achieving body waves or the look of multi-textured hair. On the other hand, cold or ceramic perms tend to produce curls which are tighter and more coiled than those created by hot perms—and unlike hot perms, cold perms do not use a heated approach nor an acidic formula. Instead, this perming method forgoes the use of heat and includes the use of an alkaline solution, which is known to be less damaging than a digital perm’s acidic one. Overall, this perm type can be a suitable option for those who prefer tight spirals or vintage inspired curls. How do I choose the best salon that offers perm treatments in Chicago? If you’re using Booksy, locating the best salon that offers perm treatments in Chicago can take as little as a few clicks! To browse through your options of the best perm services near you, you’ll need to fill out three simple pieces of key information in our search engine bar: what service you’re looking for, where you are located, and an appointment date and time that best suits you. When you’ve finished with that, you can view a complete list of your results below or arrange them by “Top Reviewed” or “Recommended by Booksy” using our “Sort by” button. How much does a perm cost? The price of a perm can vary not only between salons but also with factors like the length and thickness of your hair as well as the type of perm you’re going for. Perms can also cost more or less depending on if you’re choosing a partial perm or a full perm. However, generally speaking, most perms will range somewhere around fifty to two hundred dollars. Because that range is very broad, we recommend checking Booksy for specific pricing, where all businesses set their own price points for their services. Perms near me Check out Booksy for all your options of salons near you in Chicago that offer perm services! If you haven’t already begun a search, you can do so by filling out the fields listed in our search engine bar at the top of the page. Once you’ve done that and your search results have shown up below, you can filter the listings by clicking “Filters and Localization” or select the “Map View” button to get a visual representation of businesses nearby.