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It isn’t called a silk press for no reason! A crowd favorite, especially for those with curly and textured hair, this technique of styling hair gives you the result of silky, sleek locks without the use of chemical relaxers, making it one of the most popular methods of achieving ultra-glossy tresses. If you’re ready to go out and flaunt that smooth, lustrous mane, then you can easily book an appointment to a salon in Chicago that offers silk press services via Booksy. Begin your health, beauty, and wellness booking journey by downloading the Booksy mobile application on your iOS or Android device, or simply use your web browser directly from your laptop or desktop computer to access What is a silk press and how does it work? A silk press is a spin-off of the “press and curl”, which was a popular 1990s method of straightening curly hair through the use of oil and high heat. Silk presses are like the press and curl’s, cooler, younger sister—with this method giving the effect of smooth and straight hair, without the use of harsh chemicals, using less heat, and providing more bounce and movement than a press and curl could ever accomplish. Just like most other in-salon hair treatments, a silk press will always start with a thorough shampooing. Washing the hair to prep it for a silk press treatment is essential, as it cleanses the scalp and hair from any existing product, residue, or debris. Following a meticulous wash, your stylist will perform a deep conditioning treatment on your hair that will nourish and add moisture to further prepare your locks for the upcoming steps. The next step entails blow-drying the hair using a round or paddle brush, where your hair will be blown out until it is completely dry. Blow drying the hair as straight as it can get serves as a way to eliminate applying extra heat to the hair unnecessarily with a flat iron, in turn giving a softer and smoother texture. The final stage of completing the silk press is the actual “press”—the freshly dried hair is smoothed to perfection with a flat iron, from roots to tips. How do I choose the best silk press service in Chicago? See what other Booksy clients are saying about silk press services in Chicago by reading their personal reviews! You can find the reviews of a given salon or business by clicking on their Booksy business page and scrolling down to the bottom—this will help you decide which business is the best. Another way to find the top picks is by starting a search in the search engine bar, by filling out the required fields. Once your search results have appeared, you can click the “Sort by” button to sort businesses by either “Top Reviewed” or “Recommended by Booksy”. How much does a silk press cost? All merchants on Booksy set their own prices, so the prices of a silk press will vary depending on which salon you choose to visit. You can explore pricing by checking out a service you like and viewing the price listed directly alongside it. However, as a helpful hint, silk press services will usually average out between fifty to one hundred dollars. Certain additional treatments such as a cut or trim can be performed during the same visit but are not usually included in the basic cost of a silk press. How do I find salons that offer silk press services open now? Using Booksy, you can easily locate salons nearest you that offer silk press services and are open right now. If you already have a Booksy business in mind that you’d like to visit, you can view that business’s hours of operation right on their Booksy business page. On the other hand, if you’d like to explore your options of currently open salons near you, start a search using the search bar and complete the three fields: the service you’re looking for (silk press), your location (Chicago, Illinois), and your preferred appointment time slot (for this part, choose the date and time closest to the current one to see your possibilities of businesses that are currently open).