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Whether you are nearly bald on top, or have a thinning hairline, hair implants are a great way to revitalize your hairline, and regain confidence. Hair implants are typically offered at a doctor’s office, or a Med Spa clinic, and some practices specialize in and only perform hair implants and special hair restoration procedures. Whether you are hoping to thicken thinning locks, or completely restore the hairline, hair transplants can permanently change the look of the hair, making a huge impact to one’s image and self esteem. What is Hair Implant? While these procedures might sound uncomfortable or even somewhat scary, your technician or doctor will consult thoroughly with you about the risks and benefits of the procedure and will discuss what to expect with different hair restoration methods. New technologies including robot-guided hair implant procedures are becoming more and more common, and with improved medical approaches and technology, practitioners are finding their patients experience less pain, and report shorter healing times than in the past. Cost & Aftercare The cost for hair implants in Kissimmee varies depending on the procedure used, and the profile and level of experience the practitioner has. Insurance does not cover hair transplants, so you can expect to pay $4000-8000 on average for the procedure. Some pain or discomfort immediately following the procedure is not uncommon, but most people who have undergone hair implants report feeling well and ready to return to work immediately after the procedure. After the hair transplants are done, you can expect the new hairs to fall out over the course of about six weeks, with new, stronger, permanent hairs growing in their place. Browse our kissimmee listings above and book your hairline restoration with a qualified hair implant provider today!