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Over the last few years, natural and organic beauty products have skyrocketed in popularity among people of all ages, so it’s no surprise that henna has been one of the many plant-based consumer favorites of the recent times. Many businesses in Orlando offer henna treatments, so if you’re on the hunt for henna in the heart of Florida, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at your array of options available on Booksy.

Is finding a henna store or salon near me difficult? Nope, not with Booksy it isn’t! Booksy helps connect clients to their desired services on one user-focused platform. We’ve created an ongoing list of businesses that provide health, beauty, and wellness treatments, readily accessible in one place, so that you don’t have to jump from website to website or make time-consuming phone calls.

What is henna?

The use of henna has been practiced for over 5,000 years, originating from regions of the world like the Middle east, Africa, India, and Pakistan. Derived from the plant Lawsonia inermis, commonly known as the henna tree or the Egyptian privet, henna is a natural dye that is made from the dried and crushed leaves of the henna tree. This plant contains a specific substance known as lawsone, which is a reddish-orange colored pigment that binds to keratin, making it a popular choice to use as an unrefined dye. Henna can be used for a variety of cosmetic purposes, so if you’re interested in a dye that has a natural base and is versatile, view our quick list of frequented henna treatments below.


Using henna as a hair dye is a great substitute to synthetic, chemical-based dyes. When used as a hair dye, henna beautifully adds rich color and shine to your locks without damaging the structure of hair, which is common in artificial hair dyes. Furthermore, henna is known to strengthen the hair as well as reduce dandruff and restore the pH of your scalp.


Similar to using henna as an all-over dye for the hair, it can also be used to dye certain regions of the face like the eyebrows and eyelashes. Henna makes an excellent tint for sensitive areas like the brows and lashes as it can accentuate and darken these features without irritating them the way traditional dyes could.


With so many unnatural ingredients present in nail varnishes, a henna treatment for the nails is a nice alternative way to add some color to your fingertips and concurrently strengthen and restore them. The color of your henna nails will depend on how long the henna is left on the nailbed, ranging from a pale orange to a dark red-brown shade, typically lasting up to three weeks.


The most traditional method of applying henna is by using it as a form of decorative body art. Also known as mehndi, this practice of temporary body art is comprised of drawing ornate patterns onto the skin using a henna paste which then stains it, resulting in a beautiful and elaborate design. The use of henna or mehndi is an extremely common wedding custom in South Asia and the Middle East but has become a sought-out trend in the Western world today.

How do I find businesses that offer henna open now?

On Booksy, it’s nearly effortless to see which businesses providing henna services are currently open. You can either view each merchant’s individual hours, which are clearly displayed on each business’s page, or you can use our search bar by selecting the date and time closest to your local time. This will generate your results and show you which salons nearby are open now.

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Look no further—businesses that offer henna services near you are easy to locate with Booksy. Browse through all your options of businesses with this service and schedule an appointment to the one that best fits your preferences through our platform. All you have to do to get started is complete the three fields in our search bar! Once your results have showed up, feel free to browse through your options and further filter them by zip code using our “Filters and Localization” button.