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Do you need a serious change-up in your makeup routine? Have a big event coming up? Standing up in a wedding, or maybe even getting married yourself? These are all perfect occasions for you to find a makeup artist you love in Orlando! Any look can be made complete with a proper makeover from a professional. What Can a Makeup Artist Do for You? Whether you’re used to doing your own makeup or not, makeup artists in Orlando have a deep knowledge of not only what looks good but what’s good for you. In a billion dollar, chemical-based industry, the research on makeup trends, past and present, is extensive. These professionals have learned what the best products are for your skin, taking into account personal preference, allergies, and more. If you’re a resident of Orlando, surely you’ve experienced the struggle of sweating off your makeup or trying to find the best products that still offer UV protection. Makeup artists in Orlando can help you find the best long-lasting products that won’t harm your skin. They can also help with things like safe makeup removal and cosmetic health tips. How Much Do Makeup Artists Cost in Orlando? You’ll find it common for makeup artists in Orlando to charge by occasion (a wedding or special event), rather than how much or which products they’re using. You’ll typically be charged hourly for makeup services. Note that prices vary depending on artist or salon skills and experience. Below are average fees in the area: Bridal Makeup $150 Bridal Trial $70 Special Occasion $60 Makeup Lesson $65 Airbrush Makeup $65 Where Can I Find a Makeup Artist in Orlando? Look no further than the listings page above. Booksy offers you a vast array of makeup artist professionals in the Orlando area. Find an artist with availability that matches yours, a price within your budget, and the skills to give you a look you’ll love for any occasion. Happy booking! Articles Graduation Makeup Looks Wedding Makeup Ideas Dia De Los Muertos Makeup Tutorial Makeup Trends For Fall The Best Spring Makeup Looks