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Summer in Chicago means toes are on full display, which makes this a perfect time to treat them right. Honestly, even during Chicago winters it’s nice to know that under all those layers, your feet look well cared for and pampered. Get a pedicure in Chicago to ensure that no matter the time of year, your feet look and feel great. And if you’re thinking that you can just slap a bit of nail polish on at home, keep in mind that there are lots of different types of pedicures out there. A pedicure isn’t just about making your toes pretty! Types of Pedicures in Chicago Regular Pedicure The basic soak, rub, buff, trim, and polish; it can also be upgraded to a French pedicure or a No-Chip pedicure. Paraffin Pedicure Ideal for the long Chicago winters, this pedi treats dry, cracked feet using paraffin wax that moisturizes and softens. Hot Stone Pedicure Perfect when your feet are feeling a little tired and sore, this pedicure involves a foot mask and hot stones applied to pressure points. Salt Pedicure This is an extra exfoliating pedi, using rock salt to rub those rough callus patches away! Spa Pedicure This type of pedi is for when you truly want to indulge and can include any of the above options and more! Men’s Pedicure Minus the nail polish, this typically includes a foot rub, cleaning and trimming the nails, and exfoliating the feet. How Long Does a Pedicure in Chicago Take? Most pedicures in Chicago last between 30 and 60 minutes, but some spas and salons offer luxury pedicures up to 90 minutes. How Long Does a Pedicure Last? A regular pedicure can last at least a few weeks, depending on the season. This is because, unlike fingers, toes don’t spend all day scrolling and texting. A no-chip pedicure can last even longer, with some lasting over a month! How Much Does a Pedicure in Chicago Cost? A regular pedicure starts at around $25, but specialty pedicures may start around $40 for the first half hour. How to Find the Best Pedicure in Chicago Are you in the mood now to treat your feet? Need help finding a nail salon near you with excellent customer reviews and experienced staff? Booksy makes it easy to book appointments with the least amount of hassle! Return to the listings above or download our app to start booking today.