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Nail extensions in Chicago

If you’ve ever wished you had a beautiful, long set of nails but can’t ever seem to grow them out without breaking at least one, then nail extensions could be your gateway to finally fulfilling that dream! Whether you’re just visiting Chicago or are a Chi-Town local, you’re probably now wondering, “So, where can I find a salon that offers nail extensions near me?”. It’s easier than you think—Booksy is the best health, beauty, and wellness service booking application on the market and with this simple little tool, you’ll be able to schedule an appointment to the salon of your choice in no time. Download the Booksy application on your mobile device or visit from your computer to get started with booking your nail extension appointment in Chicago. What are nail extensions and how do they work? Nail extensions are essentially enhancements or extensions, placed over the natural fingernails to add length. Also known as artificial nails, nail extensions have historically been regarded as a symbol of status dating as far back as the Ancient Egyptian era. Today, getting nail extensions is a commonplace nail procedure that can be completed using a variety of different methods—read on to skim through our highlights a few of the most popular types of nail extension methods to help you decide which one may be right for you. ACRYLIC NAIL EXTENSIONS By using a combination of a liquid monomer and a polymer powder, these two substances are mixed together to form a paste and applied to the nail through the use of a brush. The acrylic nail is then shaped to your desired look and cured by air drying. This method of nail extensions is particularly popular as acrylic is notably durable and can withstand cracks or breaks better than other extensions methods can. GEL NAIL EXTENSIONS Gel-based nail extensions involve the use of a hard gel, which is placed in layers on top of the natural nail to add length and is then cured under ultraviolet light. Gel nail extensions visually appear similar to the way acrylics look; however, they often feel lighter, and their application process is a bit quicker. NAIL WRAPS A nail wrap is a general term used to describe a temporary method of lengthening the nails through the use of either a fiberglass or a silk nail wrap. The way it works is a thin, flexible strip of fiberglass fiber or silk material is placed onto the nail, then subsequently sealed with either a resin or gel. Though nail wraps are thinner and much less durable than acrylic or gel extensions, they make a good choice for those who prefer a more natural look. How do I choose the best nail extension service in Chicago? When you’re scheduling an appointment through Booksy, you can find the best nail extension service in Chicago right in the palm of your hand. Search nail extensions in our search engine, choose a time and date that works best for you, and don’t forget to set your current location for the more accurate results. Once you see your results below, you can use our helpful “Sort by” button and choose one of the two options available to see the top choices of salons that offer nail extensions near you. How much do nail extensions cost? How much nail extensions cost will depend on a few different factors including the type of nail extensions and how long the procedure takes. Oftentimes, salons will charge an extra fee for removal of prior nail extensions as well as upcharges for any nail add-ons such as nail art. If you’re interested in specific costs, pricing for each type of nail extension can be found on Booksy next to the service. Nail extensions near me Locate and schedule a nail extension appointment to a salon nearby with Booksy! While Chicago has plenty of nail salons scattered throughout the city, Booksy eliminates the need for using different platforms to book a visit, allowing you to browse and book your favorite services from one simple app. Just fill out the fields in our search bar and you’ll be able to easily view your options and book your top choice.