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Kids pedicure in Chicago

It’s not uncommon for kids to mirror adults and want to engage in the same activities, and some businesses even include kid-friendly versions of your favorite services—so why not let them tag along when possible? Take, for instance, a standard pedicure. There’s no need to hire a babysitter while you go get your toes done when you can enjoy a relaxing pedicure together! On Booksy, you can browse your options of kids pedicures in Chicago and book your favorite in a matter of seconds. Download the Booksy mobile application to your smartphone or head over to on your laptop or desktop computer to start your first search! What is a kids pedicure service and how does it work? Kids pedicures are specialty services offered at certain nail salons which are specifically designed to cater to children. These types of treatments offer your child the tranquil experience of receiving a pedicure which can both help promote relaxation and creativity. The majority of kids pedicure services will more or less follow the standard steps of a traditional adult pedicure which includes removing any previous nail polish, soaking the feet, taking care of the cuticles, exfoliating the feet, removing any existing calluses, trimming and filing the toenails, moisturizing the feet, massaging the feet, and applying nail varnish. However, certain steps such as removing calluses or maintaining the cuticles may sometimes not be necessary for children, so they can be omitted if preferred.  How do I choose the best kids pedicure in Chicago?  To choose the best kids pedicure service in Chicago, all it takes is downloading the Booksy app or visiting to get started! You can begin by locating the search engine bar at the top of the page and filling out the fields with your personal information. When your results have been generated below, you can browse through your options and click on the ones of interest to you to check out reviews left by former clients. If you’d like to arrange your results by either the top reviewed businesses or the ones recommended to you by Booksy, you can click on the “Sort by” button and select one of the available choices. How much does a kids pedicure cost? Pedicure services for children can range in price depending on which salon you visit but you can typically expect costs to be comparable to those of adult pedicures—as a general idea, the standard adult pedicure will generally fall between the range of thirty to sixty dollars. If you’re using Booksy to browse for businesses and schedule appointments, you can find the costs of services listed directly next to them on our app or our website. How do I find salons that offer kids pedicure services open now? One of Booksy’s best assets is that you can book appointments on your time, any time and using our platform, you can easily locate currently open nail salons in your area that offer kids pedicure services. To check out which businesses nearby are currently open, start by performing a simple Booksy search. In our search engine bar, simply complete the required fields with your information including what service you’re planning on booking an appointment to (kids pedicure), what city you’re currently located in (Chicago, Illinois), and a preferred time and date for your appointment. In the final field, you can enter any timeframe that works best for your schedule—however, by entering a time slot that is closest to the current time and date, you’ll be able to view business listings that are open now! Kids pedicure near me You can easily view your options of kids pedicure services in your local area using Booksy! All you need to do is perform a search on our search bar, if you haven’t already—just be sure to set your current location to Chicago, Illinois to get the most accurate results! Once the listings have been displayed below, you can further filter your options by precise zip codes through the use of the “Filters and Localization” button.