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A woman’s hands are an extension of her beauty, and nothing enhances that beauty more than elegantly shaped nails, polished to perfection. Whether you’re looking to make a splash at a party, compliment your wedding day look, or show the boardroom you mean business, the perfect manicure is a finishing touch that ties everything together. But who has the time and the skill to create beautiful nail designs that will hold up to the rough and tumble that is part of everyday life in Chicago? Luckily, there are alternatives to a bottle of nail lacquer that will last longer, protect your nails, and help you showcase your personal style. What Are Acrylic Nails? A basic acrylic nail manicure involves a nail tech applying both liquid and powder compounds on top of your natural nails to accentuate your desired shape. You can also choose to add tips or extensions, which extend beyond the tip of your natural nails. After the acrylic compounds are cured, polish and embellishments can be applied. How Long Does an Acrylic Manicure Last? Many people love acrylic nails for their durability, and polish applied to them will last much longer than on a natural nail. Unlike natural nails, acrylics will grow out before you have to deal with chips. This means that if you want to keep up with your acrylic manicure, expect to visit the salon every two weeks for fillers. How Long Does It Take to Get an Acrylic Manicure? Depending on the complexity of your nail design, it can take anywhere from 45 minutes to a couple hours to get an acrylic manicure. How Much Do Acrylic Nails Cost? The cost of acrylic nails in Chicago varies depending on the complexity of your chosen design. Extras like tips, jewels, encapsulated designs, or other embellishments will add more to the costs as well as the time of the overall service. In Chicago, you can expect to pay around $50 for a new set and $30 for fills. How to Find the Best Acrylic Nails in Chicago It seems like there are nail salons on every corner, but without a strong recommendation from an actual customer, how do you know where to find the best nail salons with trained nail techs that elevate acrylics to an artform? Thankfully, there’s Booksy for that. Simply browse the listings above or download the free Booksy app to find the best acrylic nail salons in Chicago today! Articles How To Dry Nails Fast? Black Nail Designs Tips To Make Your Nails Grow Faster Aftercare Manicure Tips Red Nail Designs Blue Nail Styles What Causes Yellow Nails Nails For Spring