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A hair stylist can truly make or break your hairstyle. No wonder many of us tread lightly when choosing their hairdresser. In such a big city as Leeds, the amount of options may feel a bit overwhelming. So how can you find good hairdressers in Leeds you ask? Well, thanks to Booksy, we just have an answer to that. Beloved by millions, Booksy is a world-renowned platform that allows users to book online appointments for various beauty-related services. In this specific case, it allows you to book an appointment at a hair salon in Leeds. Booksy’s goal is to make your life easier, so no more hanging on the phone trying to catch your hairdresser between their clients when you want to get a haircut. By using Booksy, your appointment can be only a few clicks away. No matter if you prefer to browse the Internet through your computer, or are constantly on the go and get stuff done on your mobile phone. Booksy is available for you on the Booksy website and via the Booksy app. The Booksy app can be downloaded entirely free of charge on Android and iOS operated mobile devices. So here are just a few words about how it works. Visit the Booksy website or open the Booksy app and once you have it in front of you, locate the search bar at the top of the screen. There you’ll see two fields you’ll want to fill out, one with your current location and the second one with the service you’re looking for. For this one, you’d want to type in “hair salon” in Leeds. After that all you have to do is tap (or click) search and there you go! A list of hair salons around you will appear! Ok, but how can I choose the best hair stylist? As mentioned before, we truly understand how challenging it may be to choose the best hair stylist. So no worries, we’re here to help with this one as well! First of all though, hats off and a big shout out to our amazing users! Without them, Booksy wouldn’t be as awesome as it is! After each appointment, our user has an option to leave a rating and write a feedback. Based on those two things, you can sort the list of results you get. You can sort by “Recommended by Booksy” or by “Top Reviewed,” your choice! When on each hair salons profile, you can dive into the Reviews section and find out what clients loved most about the place. Based on that you can truly make an informed and thought through decision. So what are some of the services I can get at a hair salon in Leeds? Haircuts A classic will always remain a classic. However, the great thing here is that you have the option to book a haircut not only for yourself! Maybe your little one is beginning to have a bit of chaos on their head? If so, you can book them a haircut via Booksy! Or if your fringe is in dire need of a trim, don’t hesitate, all you need to do is book. Colouring Whether it’s your roots that really need a touch-up, or you’ve been thinking about going for a new hair colour for some time now, hairdressers are here to help. Oftentimes hair salons will post pictures of their work for you to view. Based on that, you’ll be able to choose if that’s the best place for you to try out a balayage or highlights.  Extensions If you’ve always wanted those full, Instagram-inspired waves, maybe it’s time to try out hair extensions. With multiple methods of attaching hair and various types of hair, it’s best you sit down for a consultation with your hairdresser first.  How can I find a hairdresser near me?  Thanks to Booksy, you won’t have to search the phrase “hair salon near me” anymore! With our platform, everything is one place and is easily accessible. To explain this cool feature we have, let’s go back to the search process for a moment.  You’ve filled in the search bar with all the relevant information and you’ve clicked on the search button, great! Now, you’ve got the list of results in front of your eyes. Locate the “Map View” button on the screen. A map of Leeds will pop up with all the listed hair salons. You’ll be able to see where exactly each salon is located and based on that, choose the one with the best location for you