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Maybe you’re tired with how plain your nails look, or maybe you have some important occasion coming up, and want to look your best, head to toe. Whatever the case is, one thing remains the same–you’re in need of a nail salon appointment. However, some of us just really dislike calling or texting to make appointments. If you’re one of those people, we just have the perfect solution for you! Thanks to Booksy, you can easily book an appointment online for nails in Leeds! Booksy? What’s Booksy? How does it work? Booksy was founded on the premise to make life easier, in particular, to make booking beauty appointments available online. No more calling your beautician several times in one day, trying to reach her while she has other clients. Booksy allows you to book your appointment whenever you are, no matter what time of day it is. You can even be in the middle of a relaxing bubble bath and book that manicure appointment you’ve forgotten about throughout the day.  To start using Booksy, you’ll need to go to the Booksy website or download the Booksy app. The cool thing about the app is that it is available to download free of charge, both for Android and iOS operated mobile devices. Ok, you’re looking at Booksy now, so find the search bar at the top of your screen. There you’ll want to type in two things–your location and what service you’re looking for. Doing this will allow our search engine to find and show you nail places in Leeds! Great! But how can I find a nail salon near me? Leeds is no small city, so actually finding a nail bar near you may prove a bit of a challenge. Luckily, Booksy can help you out with this aspect as well. No more searching for a “nail bar near me” in your web browser and opening millions of tabs! With Booksy, everything is all in one place!  So, going back to this cool feature we want to tell you about! You’ve already typed in your location and desired service, and you’ve got the results page in front of you. You’ll want to locate a button labeled “Map View” on your screen. Once you click on it (or tap on it of course), a map of Leeds will appear. On that map you’ll see where exactly the salons from your results list are located. That will allow you to pick a nail salon with a location that will suit you best! What services can I get at nail salons in Leeds? Gel manicure This type of manicure will begin like every other one, with cutting, filing, and shaping your nails, essentially preparing them for a fresh coat of polish. However, this is where the difference comes in. With gel polish you don’t have to worry about waiting for it to dry or being careful with your nails once it hopefully is. Gel polish is is cured using a lamp with UV or LED light. This process helps harden the polish and make it last long. The beauty of gel polish is truly how it’s resistant to chipping and everyday wear and tear. Once you have it on your nails, you won’t have to do anything about it until your nails regrow, or you’ll simply want to try out a different polish colour or nail shape. This benefit is one of the main reasons why so many of us choose this type of nail manicure before going on vacation or before some kind of important event. Gel polish allows you to take your mind off of this one additional thing. Nail art If you’re always on Pinterest looking at new inspo, booking an appointment for a manicure with nail art is definitely what you need! The great thing about nail art it’s how diverse it can be, from a subtle dot print or geometric lines, to full on glamorous rhinestones or intricate patterns. Every person can find a version of nail art that will suit them. Moreover, you can get nail art done with most types of polish, so that’s another benefit! Yes, I want to book that manicure appointment! How can I find nail salons open now? When you decide to book a nail service, you’ll of course have the option to choose the date and time that’ll be most convenient for you. However, if you’re curious about the business hours of the salon you’re interested in, all you’ll need to do is look on the right side of your screen, when you’re on your salon’s profile. There you’ll have a few sections, including one titled “Contact and Business Hours” where you’ll be able to see exactly when that salon is open