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Nowadays whenever we open Instagram or other social media outlets we are bombarded with celebrities with amazing eyebrows and eyelashes. Many of us use makeup to achieve a similar look, spending quite some time each day on this routine. If you’ve become tired with such a routine, maybe it’s time you try out a brow or lash service. Not sure what service and where you’d like it done? No worries, Booksy is here to help! Thanks to our platform you’ll find a great spot offering services catered towards brows and lashes in Leeds! A little bit about Booksy The creation of Booksy and it’s main goal both come down to one thing–making booking beauty services online accessible and easy. With that in mind, Booksy has also been made available via a website version and a mobile phone app. The Booksy app can be downloaded free of charge for Android and iOS operated phones. As you can see, accessibility and easiness are key yet again.  How does Booksy work Ok, so you’ve got Booksy open in your web browser or via the app on your mobile phone. Next you’ll want to type into the search bar at the top of the screen two things we’ll need before we get started–your current location and the name of the service you’re looking for. This is where a little magic will happen, our search engine will provide you with a list of salons offering that service at your location. A cool feature you can use next is the “Sort by” option. It allows you to sort your results either by “Recommended by Booksy” or by “Top Reviewed.” After a visit, users can leave a rating and write a review, this allows our system to show you first those salons with the best feedback. What services can I get for my brows and lashes in Leeds? Eyebrows The biggest trend of the last few seasons, one which we definitely don’t want to see go away, are full, arched eyebrows. If you’ve been blessed by nature with amazing bushy brows and don’t really need much done, we can recommend a delicate brow shaping. This process can be done in various ways, by tweezing, waxing, threading, or more. Such a service won’t take away from your glorious brows, it will only enhance their shape, so you don’t have to worry they’ll lose their pizzazz.  If, on the other hand, you’re like the rest of us mortals and need a little help when defining your brows, you might want to consider microblading. This semi-permanent makeup service can allow you to put down your brow pencil for a long time. It was also designed in such a way to create an as naturally-looking effect as possible.  Eyelashes When it comes to lashes, some of us prefer a bit more delicate makeup, others like to define the eye in a bit stronger manner. Whatever the case, again, we have options here! For the latter group we can recommend trying out eyelash extensions. By attaching fibers to your natural lashes, a beautician can create an Instagram-worthy effect. This service can give your dark, curled, and full-looking lashes without the need to use mascara on them each day.  The more subtle version can be a lash lift and tint. Also called a lash perm, here the beautician uses special products to curl your natural lashes from base to tip and give them a darker colour. This service is shorter and provides a much more natural look. It may also take away the need to use mascara, all depending on what effect you’re looking for! Finding a salon near you If you’re tired of typing “lashes near me” or “eyebrows near me” into your web browser you should definitely try out Booksy. We just have to go back to the booking process to explain this feature to you. Once you’ve typed in “brows and lashes in Leeds” into the search bar and get your list of results, you’ll see a button labeled “Map View” show up as well. After you click on it (or tap of course) you’ll be presented with a map of Leeds. On that map, each of the places on the results list will be exactly pinpointed. This can allow you to see how far, based on your home, or office, from you each salon is located.