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The ancient art of tattooing has stuck around throughout time and has evolved itself into the body modification method we’re familiar with today—if you’re ready to get inked up and are searching for the best tattoo artist in Leeds, Booksy can provide you with a simple booking process that’s done completely online, from start to finish! Before you start a search query for “tattoo shops near me” and get lost digging through thousands of search engine results, let us introduce a much better method. By using Booksy, the best app for booking local health, beauty, and wellness services, you’ll be able to skip the complexities of the traditional booking process and instead efficiently schedule an appointment to your desired tattoo parlour in Leeds, right from your mobile phone or computer! Not sure what exactly is a tattoo shop? At some point, you’ve surely heard the words “tattoo shop”, “tattoo parlour”, or “tattoo studio”—and you may be wondering, what’s the difference? There is none! All three of these words describe the same thing, which is a type of business that provides the service of tattooing. Tattooing is the process of creating tattoos, which are permanent forms of body art that are made by essentially injecting special tattoo pigment or ink beneath the skin. The ink used for tattoos is deposited into the skin through the use of a device that is known as a “tattoo gun” or a “tattoo machine”, which allow your tattoo artist to skillfully and quickly achieve your desired design—and speaking of designs, there are many different types of tattoo styles that are popular today! We won’t cover them all, but if you need some inspiration prior to visiting your chosen tattoo shop in Leeds, you’ll find a few of the most common styles of tattooing below: BLACK & GREY Many people like to stick to the classic tattoo hues of black and grey, and while this style may encompass a variety of substyles, the main premise is that the ink used stays within the range of black and grey shades. CLASSIC AMERICANA Classic Americana is a tattooing style which is known for its signature bold, black outlines and muted colour palette. This tattoo style typically features shades of red, yellow, blue, and green and tends to stick to themes like nautical imagery, symbolism, and animals. WATERCOLOUR For those who love lots of vibrant tones, watercolour tattoos may be of interest. These types of tattoos mimic the effects of a watercolour painting, featuring bright colours that blend with one another and fade out at certain points. PORTRAITURE Portrait tattoos can be a great choice for those who want to commemorate someone they admire or love. A portrait tattoo can be designed with either a fictional character or a real person in mind, but it can also be an animal, with many people choosing to get a portrait tattoo of their pet. How do I choose the best tattoo artist in Leeds? In order to locate the best tattoo artist in Leeds, you’ll first want to download the Booksy mobile application or visit Booksy.com. Once you’re there, start by filling out your information within the Booksy search engine bar and watch as your listings appear below. You can then read through any chosen business’s reviews to determine which one is the best tattoo shop in Leeds or simply click the “Sort by” button, selecting one of the available options. How do I find tattoo shops open now? Likewise, if you’re searching for tattoo shops that are open right now, you can use that same Booksy search to do so! The only strategy here is, in the third search field, be sure to input a time and date that is closest to the current one. That way, our smart search engine will be able to display your results of tattoo parlours in Leeds that are currently open! Tattoo near me You can easily check out your options of tattoo services nearby, with Booksy! Again, you’ll want to perform a search and complete the fields with information including the business or service you’re looking for, your location, and a preferred appointment timeframe. Once your results have been generated below, just click the “Map View” button to view tattoo businesses in your local area.