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Getting your makeup right can be a bit challenging. Often you will require the services of a makeup artist. Here in Leeds, there are several makeup artists at your disposal be it tanning, manicure, pedicure, semi-permanent makeup, hairdressing, you name it. We have professionals who will give you the look you desire for that special function. We also have makeup artists who can work on models to bring out that desirable beauty. How can I book a makeup appointment online in Leeds? If you are looking to booking a makeup appointment online and want to have a list of various makeup artists to choose from, at Booksy we got you covered. We take a keen interest in health and beauty, compile a list of all the local makeup artists available and the treatment they offer, and then list the best ones based on our clients’ reviews. If you want to book your appointment online through Booksy, visit our website at or even download our mobile app for free. What does a makeup artist do? Makeup artists change a person’s appearance using cosmetics and other beauty products to bring out the beauty and hide out flaws. Makeup artists are well trained to use the right products for your skin and work with your facial features to bring out the best makeup work.  You do not need to want complex makeup to visit a makeup artist because they even work on simple makeup. The work of a makeup artist is to listen to what you want, give you beauty advice where needed and transform your ideas into a reality. Their job is to make you, the client, happy and beautiful. Whether you require hairdressing, facial treatment, manicure and pedicure, waxing, tanning, or even a whole package of all the above, then makeup artists are the right people to look for. They offer professional services to make your makeup look perfect and beautiful. Makeup artists can work in various industries that require cosmetic services or even as virtual assistants therefore you can have your makeup artist if you do not like working with different people when it comes to beauty and cosmetic services. How can you choose the best makeup artis in Leeds? If you are looking for makeup artists offering the best services in Leeds, Booksy has made that work easier for you. Whether you are looking for makeup artists near you or around Leeds, we have a list of different makeup artists you can look for.  At Booksy, we list different makeup artists with the reviews from our clients and the treatment they offer against the price they pay. This, therefore, makes it easy for you to choose which makeup artist to go for. Given that we are the best when it comes to health and beauty, our reviews can be trusted as we have a wide range of clients who give us feedback on the services they have received from different makeup artists. How much does hiring a makeup artist cost? When it comes to hiring the services of a makeup artist, the cost of service depends on the kind of treatment you want. Here is a description of various makeup treatments offered in Leeds and the estimated price that you can be charged: • Nail extensions. Prices vary depending on the type of nail extension that you want. A full set of acrylic can go for 40 pounds while a full set gel extension can go for 35 pounds. Nail repair can go for about 4 pounds. • Manicure. When it comes to manicures, a file and polish can go for about 10 pounds while gel nails can go for 25 pounds. An express manicure can cost you about 15 pounds. • Pedicure. If you are looking for a file and polish it can cost you about 10 pounds while gel toenails can go for about 20 pounds. If you want to have the full spa pedicure it can cost you about 30 pounds. • Waxing. A basic bikini waxing can go for 13 pounds, a full leg can go for 25 pounds and a half leg can go for 17 pounds. Underarm can cost you 8 pounds, lip waxing can go for about 6 pounds and chin waxing can go for about 6 pounds. A lip and chin waxing can go for about 10 pounds. • Brows. When it comes to brows, shaping can go for 8 pounds while HD brows can go for 23 pounds. • Eyelash extension. A classic full set can go for 45 pounds while a natural volume full set can go for 55 pounds. A mixed full set can cost you about 60 pounds. • Tanning. A full body tan can go for 18 pounds while a half body tan can go for 13 pounds. • Hair and hair extensions. Hair extensions vary in length and type. They can range from 125 pounds to 350 pounds. For just a normal cut and blow-dry, it can cost you around 28 pounds. • Full makeup package. A full makeup package can go for about 500 pounds. How can I find a makeup artis in Leeds that is open now? When using Booksy, it is easy to find a makeup artist at the time you require their services. All you have to do is visit our website at or use our app. We have a list of different makeup artists and the location they are in and the treatment they offer against the prices.  So if you find what you are looking for just click on the makeup artist’s profile and you can check on their opening and closing hours there and whether they are open for booking or not. You can therefore be able to make your appointment at the time you find most convenient for you. How can I get affordable makeup artists near me? If you are in Leeds and you are looking for affordable makeup artists near you, you can use Booksy to make your search easier. All you have to do is just go to our search engine and type the kind of treatment you want and the price you are willing to pay and click on search. A list of all the makeup artists that offer services within the price range you are looking for will appear and there you can make your own choice on which makeup artist to go for. How can I find the best makeup artis nearby? You can use Booksy to help you find makeup artists that are near you. Just go to our website at or use our app, turn on the location and a list of makeup artists near you will appear. Alternatively, you can use a map by filtering the district you are in by code and you will be able to see makeup artists that are near you. Choose Booksy today to help you in your search for makeup artists and we promise to give you satisfactory service. With us, you can make your search fast and easy. Our information is reliable as we get our information from client reviews and have compiled a list of the best makeup artists Leeds has to offer. You can put your trust in us when it comes to matters concerning beauty and health. Let Booksy search for you.