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Beauty can be expressed in many ways, wearing jewellery, getting a tattoo, or better yet, getting a piercing. Piercings can be done on almost any part of the body but mainly on the mouth or ears. To have a piercing requires a lot of precision by the piercer because nobody would want to have a permanent mistake on their body. Contaminated equipment can get you infected.  Piercings are associated with both short-term and long-term effects. An oral piercing could cause: • Numbness mostly with tongue piercings • A gum illness for some type of tongue piercings • Cracked or chipped teeth due to collision with the piercing • Excessive production of saliva • Sometimes speed disability In general, body piercings can cause itchiness to the pierced part and maybe get you an infection or scars.  In Leeds, there are numerous studios to get your piercing done. The wide range of piercing studios will get you sorted whether you are in search of an affordable or exotic piercing studio. Visit booksy.com to book your appointment with a piercing studio near you.  Booking a piercing appointment online in Leeds. Getting a piercing in Leeds couldn’t get easier. Booksy is a free online booking system that links you with beauty and health professionals near you. Accessing booksy is relatively easy as you just have to either have the mobile phone app or visit their site on booksy.com.  The mobile phone app can be downloaded on both android and ios supported phones. To book an appointment takes less than 5 minutes. You will see various services and treatments; click piercing to get different piercing places in Leeds.  Not sure what piercers do? Piercers make punctures on the body hygienically and healthily, preventing infections. Many types of piercings can be done to the body. Some are: • The tragus is a piercing to the ear • A bridge is a piercing between the eyes • A septum is one on the nose • A labret is a piercing of the lips Piercers are also involved in other body modifications like scarification. A piercer should always sterilise and clean equipment before and after work. The part to be pierced should be cleaned too. After getting your piercing, they can recommend aftercare products for proper healing.  How to choose the best piercer in Leeds Booksy platform has a large number of professional health and beauty service providers for you to choose from. Each piercer is reviewed and has different reviews from different customers, good, average, and poor. You will find a rating attached and the number of reviews collected for every piercer on the site. To get the best piercer, sort the reviews and pick the highly rated piercer, sure to do some good work. To get a highly rated piercer specifically in your area, enter your location, Leeds, to filter the results further. This sorting feature enables you to filter results to get your preferred piercer to book an appointment with. How much can a piercing cost? Several piercing studios charge differently. Depending on the number of piercings and type of piercing, the prices may vary too. Relatively, the cost of getting a single piercing may range between 15 euros and 25 euros.  How to find a piercing studio open now? A quick visit to the profile of your desired piercing studio will give you full details on opening and closing hours. If you are in a hurry to get your piercing, find an open one using the booksy search engine. You will have to fill the search boxes on the top of the page. On entering your preferred appointment date and time, whether morning, noon or evening, a list of studios will be provided for you to choose from. Here you can select one piercing studio near you and head straight there for the service. A cheap piercing studio in Leeds Following the wide range of piercing studios, prices for different services vary from one studio to another. This is because of the locational factor alongside other factors. Booksy platform has all service providers put up prices for their services for easy access and evaluation by their clients. With the prices well displayed on the site, you can easily find one that suits your pocket without accessing their profile. A piercing studio near you Sometimes we just want to be around our home areas. Finding piercing places nearby is a piece of cake; just a few steps and you are done. When you use the booksy app or website, make sure to turn on your GPS for location services. The platform can locate piercing studios near you for you to choose from. You can also filter the results further by entering the district code or using the map view. After getting fewer options, you can now key in your preferred date and time for your appointment and book.  Final thoughts Booksy is a trusted platform that allows reviewing of the professional service providers. Rate your piercing studio after your appointment to help in gathering reviews. This will go a long way to ensure client satisfaction. Choose booksy, choose convenience.