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Does your hair have kinky curls or coarse locks? While this can give it a beautiful look, it can become tiresome to deal with. If you’d like to try out a new style to boost your confidence and mix things up, try a silk press! It's the best way to straighten those wild curls without feeling like you're burning your hair! It differs from traditional straightening techniques in that there's no heat or hot comb involved. All it takes is a quality flat iron, moisturiser, and a blow-dryer. We recommend having a professional do your silk press, and you can use Booksy to find the best silk press specialists in your area to do the job!
Silk Press near you

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Jennifer is honestly the best at what she does and I have never been happier with my hair results. I felt very welcomed and enjoyed the whole experience and will definitely return in the future.

Lauren W… 07/08/2022


Marvin Street, E8 1EP London

As expected, A+ service. Not only has my hair become healthier since I’ve started coming to Jallz but the customer service and care has gained me a friend. I highly recommend.

Tamara M… 24/07/2022

Jallz Hair&Beauty

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What Is a Silk Press?

What Is a Silk Press?

A silk press is a technique for straightening hair, especially curls and coarse hair. It's a common technique for African American women to straighten their hair. Anyone can receive a silk press if they desire straight, smooth, and moisturised hair. It's the most popular technique for straightening wild curls without damaging or burning them. A skilled hairstylist can perform a silk press for you, so use Booksy to find one in your area! What to Expect During a Silk Press? Your stylist will begin segmenting your hair and tying it up. That's so they can get to the bottom layers of your hair to start. They will use various moisturising products, a flat iron, and a blow-dryer. They will moisturise your hair while they straighten it, and it doesn't require heat. You won't feel like your hair is burning up while it's getting straightened, which is a huge plus! It should take around 45 minutes or less to silk press your hair, depending on how much of it there is to straighten. How to Get the Best Silk Press? It would be best to get a professional at a salon to do your silk press for you, which is recommended if you've never done a silk press on your own. To ensure you get a silk press from the best stylist near you, use Booksy! Our fantastic search tool will let you compare user reviews and prices for salons on the fly. As you scroll down, you can see the average user review score for each location. The ones listed at the top have the highest score, and they're the locations that we recommend at Booksy! Is a Silk Press Permanent? No, a silk press is not permanent by any means. On average, it should last about two weeks. Sometimes it can last longer if your hair doesn't get wet for a while. The more you shower and get your hair wet, the quicker your silk press will go away. The good news is that it's relatively cheap and easy to get a new silk press every couple of weeks. Check out the user review scores on Booksy to find stylists that deliver long-lasting silk presses! How Do I Make an Appointment For a Silk Press? Walking into a salon without an appointment isn't a good idea. Although silk press specialists might accept walk-ins, you'll have a pretty long wait time on your hands. It's best to schedule an appointment, and the easiest way to do so is through Booksy! That's right, not only can you compare prices and services, but you can also book an appointment through our app. In minutes, you can view available time slots and set up an appointment. You can even request a particular stylist for your visit if you know their name! How Much Does a Silk Press Cost? Each salon has their own prices for a silk press, which can be based on demand, expertise, and location, among other factors. Booksy is such an invaluable tool because it lets you compare the prices of your local hair salons. In minutes, you can find the perfect hair salon that has affordable rates and great reviews. A silk press can range from £80 to £95 at an average hair salon. Make sure you do your research to find an affordable hair salon near you!