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Getting a Bikini Wax in Orlando

In hot areas like Orlando and other cities in Florida, it comes as no surprise that spending time outside becomes a favorite activity in your day to day, especially when it comes to tanning outdoors or swimming at local pools or beaches. If you plan to spend time in swimwear this summer, you’ve likely been perusing your options on keeping hairs in the nether bathing suit region’s hairs under control. Why look further than the American classic of a bikini wax, an appropriate name for a wax designed to make you feel more comfortable throwing on a bikini and letting yourself be seen? What Is a Bikini Wax? Through the use of a specialized hot or cold wax, bikini waxing involves removing the pubic hair that would still be visible by an onlooker if you were to put on a bikini bottom over your natural hair. This is done through applying hot or cold wax to the region you wish to make bare and then adhering cloth strips to those hair areas, waiting for the wax to cool and stick to the hairs, and then quickly pulling off each strip to pluck the hairs in bulk from your skin. What Are Popular Bikini Wax Styles? Popular bikini wax styles include: The full bikini or European, which removes all of your pubic hair except for a small strip above your working parts; The moustache, which is the removal of your pubic hair except for a wide rectangular patch that resembles Chaplin's or Hitler's moustaches, The popular Brazilian, which removes all of the hair from your pubic region, above and below your working parts, and The heart, which shapes the main section of pubic hair into a heart and is sometimes dyed pink. Who Should Get a Bikini Wax? Daily maintenance, especially in the nether regions, can be a hassle. Bikini waxes are ideal for those who want to cut down on the amount of time they spend shaving or on the wear and tear shaving can take on such sensitive skin. Because waxing rips the root from the hair follicle, ingrown hairs are less common with waxing than with shaving. Though named for the bikini line, or the upper leg and inner thigh area where pubic hair grows but isn't covered by the cloth of a bikini bottom, men are also frequent recipients of bikini waxes. How Long Does a Bikini Wax Last? The initial procedure can take about 30-60 minutes, and the results last 3-6 weeks, with minimal hair growth beginning during the second week and becoming increasingly visible in the third and fourth weeks. How Much Does a Bikini Wax Cost? Depending on the spa or salon you choose to attend as well as the style of bikini wax you select, the average price in Orlando falls in the $20-45 range. Where Can I Get a Bikini Wax in Orlando? Thankfully, there’s an app for that! Simply return to the Booksy listings above or download the Booksy app to book the best and look your best in time for the hot Orlando summer.