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  • Lashed By Cheyanne

    1109 University Avenue, Huntsville, 77340

    Lash Lift & Tint

    Lash Lift is a process which the lashes are restructured to create a lift. The results are customizable, but a...lso highly dependent on the length and fullness of the natural lashes. The end results are beautifully lifted lashes that mimics lashes that were curled with a lash curler. It opens up the eyes to make them look more refreshed and awake. Results can last 6-8 weeks depending on the aftercare and the natural lash growth cycle. The faster the natural lashes grow, the sooner the lash lift will grow out. To maintain neat and lifted lashes, the natural lashes will have to be re-lifted every 6-8 weeks. This service is a great alternative to lash extensions! It requires less maintenance and the aftercare is simpler. Lash lifts also do not use the same ingredients as the products used in lash extensions, so it’s perfect for clients who want beautiful lashes but are allergic to lash extensions.
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    Hybrid (Full Set)

    *deposit is non refundable, this policy is in place to protect my business from cancelations and no shows* Thi...s full set is perfect for someone just getting lashes for the first time or someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup often, it’s a natural look, definitely still noticeable and darker than your normal lashes.
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    Signature Volume (Full Set)

    *deposit is non refundable, this policy is in place to protect against cancelations and no shows* After 3 ye...ars of lashing I have started focusing on specializing in volume lashes, this set is my signature volume look. Thick and full without being too dramatic. This set will stand out, and is not considered natural though. I hand make all of my volume fans, so every look can be completely customized to your face eye shape and lashes and length will be determined on your natural lashes - I keep the integrity on your lash health at top priority and will not compromise that for length.
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  • Curve Affair Body Contouring, LLC

    2514 Sam Houston Ave, D, Huntsville, 77340



    Lipo Cavitation


    Laser Lipo (Pads Only)