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There might not be one mystical treatment that’ll solve all your skin’s problems, but if you ask us, the magic of a face peel comes pretty close. Whether you’re looking to diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles, fade discoloration, smooth scarring, treat acne, or even minimize pores, then a professional face peel treatment will be an option you’ll want to consider trying out. Depending on your skin type and personal preferences, you can either choose to get a chemical face peel or an enzyme peel, both of which are bound to show rejuvenating results. Book an appointment for a chemical peel today and find a provider with Booksy!
Face peel near you

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Great cut with a good barbershop experience. My fade was done clean and I had NO cuts left on my face lol.

Frederick P… 21/07/2022


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What is a face peel?

What is a face peel?

 Face peels refers to a class of exfoliating facial treatments that involve applying a special formula to the skin in order to even out texture and tackle issues such as acne, wrinkles, and scarring. Chemical peels are the most common solution, but there is also the option of getting an enzyme peel, which is a more delicate alternative to the standard acid face peel through using natural fruit enzymes. What to expect from a face peel? For most types of face peel treatments, specifically when it comes to chemical peels, there are multiple levels including superficial, medium, and deep peels. Superficial peels are typically recommended for most people and have a quick recovery process, whereas medium and deep peels are much stronger, requiring a longer downtime, and may be better suited for more severe skin concerns that require more powerful resurfacing. How to find the best face peel treatment near you? Curious about what’s the easiest way of finding a provider for a face peel near me? At Booksy, we make it simple by allowing you to conveniently find the best face peel nearby through conducting a search via the Booksy search engine bar. Starting a search will give you a list of local providers, of which you can browse through (or use the “Sort by” feature) to find the leading specialists that offer face peels near you. How do I make an appointment for a face peel? Although a peel off face mask for at-home use may be a good DIY treatment sometimes, if you want to see visible results, you’ll definitely want to schedule an appointment for a professional face peel. By entering your personalized criteria into the search engine bar, including your desired treatment, your location, and a fitting appointment time, you’ll be shown your results, any of which you’ll be able to book by clicking the respective “Book” icon. How much does a face peel cost? The cost of a face peel will mostly depend on your location, who your provider is, and most importantly, what type of peel you’re getting. Superficial peels and enzyme peels usually average around $100 to $150, however, more intense face peels like medium and deep peels may even be priced upwards of a few thousand dollars, including the costs of factors like anesthesia and prescription medications. But as always, you can check out pricing for face peels near you on Booksy. How do you prepare for a face peel treatment? If you’re planning on getting a face peel treatment, there are a few dos and don’ts you’ll want to follow. For the majority of face peel types, experts recommend avoiding exfoliation, sun exposure, and using makeup beforehand. However, they do recommend choosing the correct face peel type for yourself and following care instructions post-treatment—but what to put on the face after a chemical peel? In most cases, washing your face with cool water and keeping your skin hydrated with a neutral moisturizer is key!