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Known for its warm, tropical climate year-round, Orlando is a city where the visitors and locals alike, won’t be skimping out on walking. No matter if you’re taking a stroll around one of the many shopping centers or you’re on your feet all day, hopping from one world-famous theme park to the next—there’s no doubt your feet could use a little TLC with a French pedicure. Booking a French pedicure in Orlando, Florida is easy! With Booksy, you can effortlessly schedule an appointment to a nail salon or spa near you in just moments, with just a few clicks. Download the Booksy app for your smartphone or tablet, or use our web version on your browser to get started. What is a French pedicure? Contrary to the name, the French pedicure did not originate in France, but actually in the United States. Believed to be popularized in the 1930s, this pedicure style is as classic as they come—following the standard, essential steps of a routine pedicure. A typical pedicure usually involves certain steps including but not limited to removing any previous nail polish, soaking and exfoliating the feet, treating the cuticles, treating existing callouses, trimming the nails, and finally polishing them. The polishing stage of the French pedicure technique is what sets it apart from a standard pedicure. During this step in the process, your nail technician will utilize two colors: first a nude, beige-toned, or light pink varnish as the base, then a white varnish to accent the tips of the nails, giving off a natural effect. This technique is a favorite among those who enjoy a minimal and elegant look that looks great during any season of the year! Depending on which salon you choose to visit, many nail spas offer French tips for the toes using regular nail varnish whereas other nail salons may offer a different alternative, which is a long-lasting gel polish. Gel polish is a specific type of nail varnish that requires hardening under ultraviolet light. Though the outcome for these two methods is aesthetically indistinguishable, gel nail polish must be cured and therefore can last much longer than a traditional French pedicure. How to choose the best French pedicure in Orlando? Choosing the best French pedicure in Orlando can seem like an overwhelming task if you’re not sure where to look. However, with Booksy, you can search for and then sort businesses with ease based on reviews written by clients like you. Once you’ve set your location, simply sort the results by “Top Reviewed” or “Recommended by Booksy” to check out the top hits in your area. How much does a French pedicure cost? The price of a French pedicure can be determined by a few different factors, however in Orlando, the cost of this type of beauty treatment usually averages somewhere around $45.00. Pricing in salons may vary, but there’s no need to waste time on the phone, calling local salons for a price quote. You can easily use our booking platform to check the pricing of individual salons and select the one that suits your needs best. How to find nail salons that offer French pedicure open now? Are you looking to find a nail salon that offers French pedicures in your area now? Look no further, Booksy can help! Head over to the Booksy app or launch the web version on your laptop or desktop computer to check out our extensive base of salons near you. Once you’re there, use the Booksy search engine at the top of the page to select a date and time that is most convenient for you and start exploring! French pedicure near me Browse our directory of businesses that offer French pedicure services in Orlando, Florida on Booksy! Setting up an appointment with you preferred salon has never been easier—pick your current location, the service you’re looking for (French pedicure), and choose an appointment time that works best for you. You can also further explore our list of merchants by using our filter and sort features to specify your preferences when deciding which salon to book your appointment at.