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In Orlando, nails make the perfect style accessory, capping off your ensemble with a refreshing, eye-catching accent of color—or, that is, a clash of off-colored, half-shellacked, or chipped nails that shock an onlooker, if you haven’t been to an Orlando nail salon recently. Nail Salons in Orlando As we know, nails often represent the tipping point in a fashionable appearance—but how does one go about figuring out the optimal nail color or type or care routine? With so many variables that can go wrong and potentially harm the overall health of your nails, you should entrust your cuticles to a trained and licensed nail technician at a local Orlando nail salon. To help you get started, we’ve outlined the type of services offered at salons in Orlando, the prices, how long a service might take, how long it might last afterwards, and, finally, how to find a nail tech near you! Orlando Nail Services In Orlando, nail salons offer the traditional manicures and pedicures, which both include removing the cuticles, softening and massaging the skin, as well as cutting, shaping, and painting your finger - or toenails. In addition to these two, more basic services, nail offerings at salons normally also include: Full Sets This means you will get all 10 of your nails done, rather than simply a touch-up service, whether it’s acrylic or gel polish. Fill-Ins When you have your nails done, your polish can last a good 2 weeks before your nails begin to grow out. Once they do, you can have the area of nail growth filled in by requesting a “fill-in.” Acrylics As a combination of liquid and powders, acrylic colors are mixed right before your eyes, so you can ascertain the correct product being used. Then, it’s brushed onto your nails before it’s air-dried. A full acrylic set costs about $35+, can take an hour or 2 to complete, and can last about 2 weeks before requiring a fill-in, which costs around $25. Gels Gels tend to be a bit higher quality and slightly more healthy than acrylics. Gel polish is painted on and then curated with a UV light to harden the polish onto the nails, which results in sleek and strong nails. A full gel set can take 30 minutes to 2 hours, costs around $45+, and can last about 2 weeks. Remember: If they use powder or liquid at all, it is not gel; it’s acrylic. Gel nails will only ever be painted on from a bottle of gel. How to Book Your Next Appointment Remember to look for certified nail technicians—and never hesitate to ask your tech for advice on the type of polish or style you select. Return to the listings above to find the perfect Orlando nail salon for you. A Breakdown of Acrylic Nails Prices in Orlando, Florida When it comes to getting an acrylic manicure or pedicure at a local nail salon, it’s very important to keep in mind that cheaper isn’t always better. Many different factors can affect the cost of quality acrylic nails, like the: Length of your natural nails Desired length of acrylics Number of colors used Complexity of the design Use of encapsulated materials, such as diamonds Experience level of the nail technician Be suspicious of any nail salon that offers acrylics much cheaper than competing salons. It could be that they are not using acrylics at all! How Much Do Acrylic Nails Cost in Orlando, Florida? Nail salons dedicated to nail extensions (like the fashionable talon nail trend) generally have technicians who are more experienced in applying acrylics. While these salons may charge higher prices for their services, clients can rest assured they’ll leave with properly applied acrylics that won’t leave their natural nails damaged upon removal. Many inexperienced technicians over-file nails so the acrylics will adhere to the nail, but over-filing can have disastrous results that only appear once the acrylics are removed. Properly applied acrylic nails will not damage your natural nails at all. Acrylic Nails Cost Acrylic nails in Orlando, Florida typically have a starting cost of $25–35. If more product is required, the price will increase. For example, if you have short nails and want long acrylics or if the technician has to use more acrylic powder on your nails, it will cost you more. The Cost of Acrylic Nail Design If you want a more complex nail design, expect to pay a higher price for the nail technician’s time. Salons charge further fees to clients who wish to add additional colors ($5 per color). Painted nail art ($3+), diamonds ($5–15), and 3D acrylic art ($6+) can also give your nails that extra pop of interest for a price. The Price of Self-Expression Don’t let the cost of quality acrylics make you settle for anything less than nails that will make your friends jelly. An experienced nail tech can give you long, beautiful acrylics without damaging your natural nails underneath. The health of your natural nails should come first—especially when finding an experienced nail tech in Orlando, Florida is as easy as it is on Booksy’s website or mobile app.