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When it comes to getting your nails done, it’s easy to think there are only two routes to go: acrylic sets or gel polish. There’s actually a third option, one that attempts to maintain the overall health of your nail, offer a tip that bends as your natural nail would, and provide a healthy, gel and acrylic alternative. What Are SNS Nails? Sometimes called “dip system” nails, SNS or Signature Nail System nails are a fast, easy, and, most of all, health-conscious alternative to acrylic or adhesive tips and gel or UV-hardened polishes. They don’t use nail polish but, instead, nail powder. Here’s how it works: Your nail technician applies a clear base coat and then dips your fingertips into a canister of powder that adheres to the still wet base coat. To build color and strength, your nail tech repeats this process and then smooths out any potential powdery bumps before finishing it with a sealing glossy top coat. Why Get SNS Nails? SNS nails are often referred to as being the “healthy” alternative to the more common gel or acrylic practices in nail salons in Orlando. While there is still some debate as to the health benefits of SNS, it does avoid the UV light used with gel polish that can lead to skin damages after repeated use, but the removal process utilizes the same chemical compounds that causes health concerns with acrylic nails. Unlike gel polish that will chip over time, SNS nails will stay on until it comes time for you schedule their removal, which involves soaking your fingers in acetone to loosen the sealing applied over the powder. Although people may debate the health benefits of SNS over gel or acrylic sets all day, the resulting long-lasting glossy nail has many convinced that SNS is the best and longest-lasting nail polish option on the market today. And with fewer risks that the alternatives, why not try SNS out today? How Much Do SNS Nails Cost? Best of all: Because of the relative ease of dipping a client’s fingertips into powder, SNS nails typically cost less than gel and acrylic nails. Starting at around $30 at nail salons in Orlando, SNS nails take less time than pasting on acrylics and painting on designs.