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There’s not much more infuriating than leaving the nail salon after a fresh manicure only to have your polish chip after days of wear, or worse yet, mere hours—but thankfully, those days can be over if you choose to go for shellac instead of the standard type of nail polish. Now that you know that an alternative exists, you might be wondering, “where can I find a salon that offers shellac near me?”. We’re glad you asked, and we’d love to introduce you to Booksy, which is the top appointment scheduling application that is currently on the market! With our simple app, you can begin browsing through and booking beauty, health, and wellness-related services using just a few clicks on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. What is shellac and how does it work? Patented by the firm Creative Nail Design, shellac is a form of nail polish that mixes formulas from both regular nail varnish and gel types. This hybrid variety takes the best qualities from both nail polish types, combining them into one long-lasting and glossy solution. Shellac requires the use of an ultraviolet or LED lamp in order to cure the polish, as opposed to the traditional manicure drying process of airdrying the nails. Your shellac manicure will start out the way most manicures do, by removing any previous nail polish present and cleaning the nails off. Following this, your nail technician will file your nails to your desired length and shape, as well as push your cuticles back. Once those steps are completed, your nails will be painted with a base coat, which serves as a layer between the natural nail and the first coat of shellac polish. The basecoat is always an important step, as base coats protect the nail plate from damage such as peeling or splitting. Once the base coat is painted on, the polish will be hardened via a UV or LED nail lamp. Next, your nails will be painted with the shellac varnish of your choice and subsequently cured. This step is typically repeated two to three times in order to achieve a pronounced color. Finally, the last step is applying a shellac topcoat to seal everything in and give your manicure an extra layer of protection. Because shellac manicures act similarly to gel polishes, they last far longer than a standard manicure, even up to ten to fourteen days. Removal of shellac polish is also much simpler than that of gel and doesn’t require any soaking or sanding. Instead, your nail technician will use an acetone-based nail polish remover to remove the shellac in as little as fifteen minutes. How much do shellac nails cost? A shellac manicure will range in price depending on certain factors such as the city you’re located in and the salon you’ll choose to visit. There are also certain additional components, such as nail art, which may increase the price of your shellac manicure. Overall, you can expect to pay somewhere between thirty to sixty dollars for a simple shellac manicure, but you can locate exact prices on Booksy, where you’ll find them listed next to each service. How do I find nail salons that offer shellac nails open now? Though there are many salons that offer shellac nail services, not all of them have the same business hours—that’s where Booksy comes in, to help you in finding ones that are open now. To check out your options of currently open salons, start off by using the Booksy search engine bar to search for shellac nails. You’ll want to input information such as the service you want to book (shellac nails), where you are located (Orlando, Florida), as well as your preferred appointment time. By selecting an appointment timeframe closest to the current time and date, our search engine will provide you with options of salons open now!  Shellac nails near me  Easily and efficiently search for and locate shellac nails near you, with Booksy. Once you’ve already started a search and have made sure your current location is set to Orlando, you can browse through your results of what’s nearby! If you’d like to break it down even further, simply click on the “Filters and Localization” button which is a tool that’ll allow you to narrow your search results down to specific zip codes.