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The nature of a manicure has greatly evolved since it was invented in China hundreds of years ago, where nail color merely represented status. In the 19th century, nail shape and color become a modern fashion that many women embraced. Today, we not only see a variety of styles and colors but techniques of color application and a deep dive into true nail artistry, ranging from basic cuticle care to design-inspired acrylics. What Kind of Manicures Are Available in Orlando? Classic Manicure Before new methods came into practice, a traditional manicure consisted of proper cuticle care, nail shaping and filing, and four coats of polish: a base coat, at least 2 coats of the desired color, and top coat. These manicures last about week before the polish begins to chip. Acrylics This mixture of liquid and powder is the most popular type of artificial nail. You’ll often hear the phrase “full set,” as this is what its called when you get acrylics on all 10 fingers. Since this nail is artificial, it is the easiest for the nail tech to design. Designs, which can be applied to any kind of manicure, typically always cost extra. When your nails start to show growth after 2 to 3 weeks, you may revisit your nail technician for a fill-in, which costs about half the price as a brand new acrylic service. Gel or Shellac This is a type of polish that’s painted on just like regular polish. After each coat, you place your hand under a UV or LED light to cure the polish, hardening and strengthening the nail more so than a non-gel manicure. Gel lasts about two weeks until you’re able to see nail growth, but the actual polish will likely stay on for close to a month. SNS or Dip System The Signature Nail System (SNS) is said to be a healthier, quicker alternative to the gel or acrylic options. Your nail tech simply coats your nails in resin and then dips them into a powder repeatedly until the desired shape is achieved. How Much Do These Manicures in Orlando Cost On Average? Manicure $20 Full Set Acrylic $45+ Fill-In Acrylic $25+ Gel/Shellac $65+ SNS/Dip System $30+ Where Can I Get A Quality Manicure in Orlando? Explore the portfolios on the listings above to see technicians past work and specialties. Booksy makes it easy for you to find a time that works and more importantly, a manicurist you’ll love.