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When thinking about booking an appointment for a pedicure, your mind might immediately shoot to the hundreds of nail polish colors to choose—but what if we told you there’s another element of a pedicure to consider? Though a standard pedicure might primarily be focused on aesthetics, there’s another pedicure type that combines both beauty and health. If you’re looking for a thorough treatment that combines concepts of pedicures and nail care, you’ll likely be interested in getting a medical pedicure. Now, getting a medical pedicure in your area is easier than it’s ever been with Booksy. Booksy is an online booking platform that is revolutionizing the way we schedule appointments, giving you the opportunity to book visits to your favorite local hotspots with only a couple of clicks or taps. To book an appointment for a medical pedicure in Orlando, head over to or download the Booksy app for Android or iOS. What is a medical pedicure and how does it work? While a classic pedicure may include certain foot care elements like providing routine maintenance to the nails, a medical pedicure goes much deeper, providing you with a comprehensive treatment that’s focused on the overall health of your feet. Often nicknamed the “medi pedi”, the medical pedicure is a perfect option for anyone whose feet need some extra care, from treating ingrown nails to softening calluses. Medical pedicures will include some of the same steps as standard pedicures like cleaning, trimming, and clipping the toenails, but it also includes a variety of more specialized steps. During your medical pedicure, you can also expect your specialist to cleanse your feet, soften and remove calluses, extract corns, buff the heels, shape the toenails, massage the feet, and moisturize them. All steps done during a medical pedicure are done using sterilized tools and using antiseptic solutions that further help promote the hygiene of the feet and reduce future issues. First and foremost, medical pedicures can allow you to achieve and maintain both healthy feet and toenails. But apart from that, there are also several other benefits that are associated with medical pedicures. For example, medical pedicures can reduce foot odors, prevent ingrown toenails, remove dry and flaky skin, and leave the feet feeling soft, supple, and looking beautiful!  How do I choose the best medical pedicure treatment in Orlando?  Wondering how to pick the best option for a medical pedicure near you? Visit on your preferred web browser or launch the Booksy app and start a search by completing the blank fields in the search bar. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be presented with search results for medical pedicure treatments in Orlando. From there, you can browse through your available listings and read through some of the reviews to get a better idea of the top places and get a glimpse of what other Booksy users are saying. But if you need an extra hand, just click the “Sort by” button to sort the listings by “Recommended by Booksy” or “Top Reviewed’. How much does a medical pedicure cost? If you’re considering getting a medical pedicure in Orlando, you’ll want to know how much this type of treatment costs. Though pricing will largely depend on what city you’re located in and which business you book an appointment with, costs will usually fluctuate between the $80 and $150 range. Some providers and establishments even take health insurance, so a medical pedicure could be partially covered by your insurance at certain locations. On Booksy you can get an accurate idea of pricing for medical pedicures in your area by starting a search. Medical pedicure near me There’s no need to travel too far—with Booksy, you can find the closest local options of businesses that provide medical pedicures. Just use the search bar in order to begin—in the fields, input information like the service you’re looking for (medical pedicure), where you are located (Orlando, Florida), and a timeframe that you’d like to schedule an appointment for. After that, check out your array of listings or play around with the “Filters and Localization” button to search by zip code, or the “Map View” button to see your listings visually.