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Do you want your toes to really shine when you visit the beach this summer? Then a gel pedicure is a fun and affordable idea! Gel pedicures are an easy way to achieve all sorts of artistic looks for your toenails. Don't be afraid to express your personality through your pedicure! Gel pedicures are great for adding nail art, rhinestones, and other luxury features. If you want to receive a fantastic gel pedicure in your town without getting disappointed, Booksy is the way to go! Our app lets you search locally for all the salons in your area that do gel pedicures. You can view their prices, services, and reviews as you scroll down the page!
Gel Pedicure near you

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Whitley was absolutely amazing! She made the appointment very comfortable and gave me some useful information about nail care! Beautiful nails!

Brackyn B… 04/12/2023

review image by Brackyn B…

The Nail Lounge Powdersville

10856 Anderson Rd, 29673 Piedmont

If I could, I would give way more stars. Annika is A MAZ ING!!! I loved the whole experience. I asked for a Christmas type design, and she came up with these amazing nails.I am absolutely obsessed wi...

Sabrina S… 30/11/2023

review image by Sabrina S…

The Nail Room By Annika

8090 Blue Diamond Rd, 89178 Las Vegas

I have been doing my nails with Neybis for quite a while now and she has stuck with me through all my nail drama... always friendly... always patient... always professional. Love the quality of work a...

Marilyn U… 28/11/2023

review image by Marilyn U…

NF Nails Art

13550 SW 120th St, 33186 Miami

What Is a Gel Pedicure?

What Is a Gel Pedicure?

A gel pedicure uses gel-based nail polish during the procedure. As with any pedicure, your pedicurist will scrub your feet and remove your cuticles. They'll also trim up your nails before polishing them to perfection. You can choose from thousands of colors, patterns, nail art designs, and more. You can further customize your look with rhinestones and other unique accessories. A gel pedicure is affordable and will last up to two weeks! What to Expect During a Gel Pedicure Your pedicurist will follow the basic routine involved with any pedicure. They will cut your nails, soak your feet, snip your cuticles, and thoroughly clean your feet. From there, they will treat any calluses, scrub your feet, and massage them. The final step is to add a base layer, two-color layers, and a top coating of polish. You can customize your pedicure with a wide array of colors, accessories, and designs! How to Get the Best Gel Pedicure? A gel pedicure is an involved procedure requiring a trained professional. We don't recommend that you try to wing it on your own. You could end up ruining your precious toenails! Instead, please leave it to the professionals in your area. You can use Booksy to find the most skilled pedicurists that operate in your town. Please take full advantage of our user reviews and average review scores as well. The top few results on the page will have the highest review scores, and they're our recommended locations. What Should You Not Do Before a Gel Pedicure? Avoid getting a pedicure if you have a lot of cuts or scrapes on your feet. Let those heal before setting an appointment. It would help if you also didn't let your feet get too dirty or unpresentable. Try to stay out of the sun, as you don't want to have a sunburn for your pedicure. Finally, don't shave your legs beforehand because any tiny cuts that you can't see can let in bacteria. It's essential to show up with clean feet that are ready to get pampered by a pedicure! How Do I Make an Appointment For a Gel Pedicure? Do you not feel like talking to anyone but still want a gel pedicure? We don't blame you, which is why we added the ability to schedule an appointment online. With a few simple clicks of your mouse, you can set up an appointment for a gel pedicure! Once you find a suitable salon that offers gel pedicures, click book now. Find a time slot that works for you, select confirm, and that's it! All that's left is to show up for your appointment to enjoy your gel pedicure!