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Hair Color Techniques in Orlando

Fashion may change with the season, but some looks never fade from popularity. For that reason, there are a wide range of hair color techniques that are still all the rave in Orlando. After all, a new look feels like a new you, so it’s about time you consider refreshing your current ‘do with a hip new hair color you can show off in the warm weather of the trendy and glamorous Orlando area. What Are the Most Popular Hair Color Techniques in Orlando? Some of the most popular hair color techniques currently trending in Orlando are: Balayage In Orlando, the naturally sun-kissed look of hand-painted highlights without the time spent in the sun is a favorite in the Florida area. Ombre A new variation of coloring that’s taking hair salons in Orlando by storm; dark roots gradually fade into light highlighted tips for a stunning celebrity-like look. Blonding, Silver, or Going Lighter Silvers, greys, and platinums are in; whether you want to get an atomic blonde edge or just go down a shade or two, hair salons in Orlando can help you obtain the look you desire! Neons, Vivids, and Pastels Representing some of the trendiest looks of today's couture, neons, vivids, and pastels are some of the most vibrant shades you can find on the market. How Long Does Hair Color Last? It all depends on the color and type of hair dye used. A traditional, single hair color service may need to have the roots touched up in about 6 weeks, depending on your root treatment preferences. For the demi-permanent hair colors, like neons, vivids, and pastels, they can generally last a total of 24 washes. How Much Does Hair Color Cost at a Salon? Depending on the quality of hair salon you visit in Orlando, services run a range of costs. Usually, for a single hair color, an appointment costs $75-100, with your hair texture and current color potentially playing a role in determining that price. For the more specialized effects, like balayages, costs can run from $120-200. For services like neons, vivids, and pastels, you might expect to pay around $200-350 per session. How Do You Find a Good Hair Colorist? Through Booksy, you can book appointments to the best hair colorists in Orlando. Simply review the listings above to find your next hairstylist today. Articles Hair colors for spring How to make your hair color last longer The history of hair color Box Dye Gone Wrong? Color Correction Treatment to the Rescue