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Ever wondered why your hair looks so great after just leaving the salon? Of course, it has something to do with the skill and expertise of your hairstylist (and the magic they’ve just worked on your hair) but it’s also due to the styling technique that hair care professionals use. On a regular basis, many people let their hair air dry before styling it, or if they use a blow dryer, they may not be able to adequately reach all parts of their hair using one hand, leaving your tresses looking less than salon-worthy. But this is exactly why so many people book appointments for blowouts at hair salons across the globe! A blowout will give you that fresh just-left-the-salon appearance and have your locks looking top-notch. For blowout hair in Orlando, perform a quick search using the Booksy app and use our efficient and user-friendly appointment scheduling system to book a visit for a blowout near you. What is a blowout hair service and how does it work? Sometimes all it takes is a simple service to get your hair looking flawless—and that’s exactly what a blowout will achieve. A blowout is essentially a service that entails blow-drying and styling the hair to result in a voluminous and sleek finish. Though blowouts are often included as a part of a number of different hair services such as cuts or coloring, they can also be booked individually, whether you’re prepping for a special occasion or simply want to maintain your hair’s form between appointments. If you’ve been considering getting a blowout, you’re likely curious about what the process itself looks like. A blowout always starts with clean hair, so your stylist will begin by washing your hair to remove any buildup or dirt and subsequently conditioning it. Then, after removing excess moisture from the hair using a towel and applying a heat protectant serum, your stylist will roughly dry your hair. Once the hair begins to lose moisture and become drier, they’ll take a round brush and work their way through your hair in sections, styling it as desired. As a finishing touch, they’ll likely use a small amount of finishing cream or oil to enhance shine or sleekness. Blowouts make great hair treatments that are both fast and easy solutions for a number of different occasions like dates, anniversaries, weddings, proms, job interviews, photoshoots, and events. The best part is you can even maintain your blowout for up to three to five days on average. Basically, you can expect your blowout to last until your next wash day or until you get your hair wet. The key to making your blowout last is keeping away from water, moisture, sweat, and humidity if possible. Additionally, it’s best to avoid over-styling the hair and weighing it down with heavy products.  How do I choose the best blowout hair treatment in Orlando?  There’s seemingly an endless sea of hair salons in the Orlando area alone, so what’s the best method of finding the best blowouts nearby? All you need to do is use Booksy, the top appointment scheduling platform that’ll make your life easier by giving you access to local businesses and services that you can book online. You can download the Booksy app to your Android or iOS device to start a search, or just use on the web instead to complete the information within the search fields. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be provided with your listings, which you can click on individually to see more information like business hours or client reviews. Client reviews are always helpful in determining the best of the best, so be sure to spend some time checking out what others are saying. Aside from that, you can also click “Sort by” to arrange your listings by “Top Reviewed” or “Recommended by Booksy”. Blowout near me You’ll be pleasantly surprised at all the nearby options for blowout hair treatments in Orlando! Head over to Booksy and input your personal info into the available search fields. The search fields require you to specify what you’re looking for, where you’re located, and an appointment time that works for you. There, you can set your answers as blowout, Orlando, and your choice of timeframe to get your results. Furthermore, try out the “Filters and Localization” tool to search by an exact zip code, or the “Map View” button that’ll allow you to see your options on a visual plane.