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It’s no secret that chemical relaxers can wreak havoc on your hair and as much as we love the silky, smooth results, the damage done can be irreversible, but what if there was a way to obtain sleek and lustrous hair without ruining our locks? Well, there is—say hello to the silk press. If you’re looking for salons that offer silk press services in Orlando, you’ll find plenty of options on Booksy, the top booking application on the market! Our easy-to-use platform serves as your base for locating and scheduling appointments to businesses in your area for all things health, beauty, and wellness. You can get started today by downloading the Booksy mobile app to your smartphone or visiting on your laptop or desktop computer. What is a silk press and how does it work? You can nix the chemical relaxers and still achieve smooth tresses that are full of bounce and volume through a silk press treatment. The silk press is essentially a method of straightening the hair without the use of harsh chemicals and using less heat than a traditional press and curl approach. When you arrive at the salon for your silk press, your appointment will start off with a wash using a clarifying shampoo to ensure that the hair is cleansed and that the scalp is free of any product build-up or oils. Following your wash, your stylist will apply a deep conditioning treatment to your hair in order to amp up your hair’s moisture levels. This step is key in a silk press service, as deep conditioning will help your hair stay hydrated, in turn resulting in an ultra-glossy finish. Once your deep conditioning treatment has been rinsed out, the next step is to blow-dry the hair in sections, from the roots to the ends. This process is repeated until all sections of the hair are fully dry. Now comes the “press”—using a flat iron, your stylist will straighten the hair in small sections, beginning as close to the roots of the hair as possible. After all portions of your hair have been pressed with the flat iron, an optional finishing touch is spritzing a serum to lock it all in and give it some extra shine. How do I choose the best silk press service in Orlando? Finding the best silk press service in Orlando starts with reading credible opinions and reviews left by real clients, which you can do on Booksy! You can easily browse customer reviews about each business by selecting their individual Booksy business pages and scrolling down to the bottom. Another way to find the top silk press services requires conducting a search using the Booksy search engine bar. After you’ve filled out the required fields provided and your listings have appeared below, you can simply click the “Sort by” button and choose between one of the two provided options. How much does a silk press service cost? Depending on where you live, the price of a silk press can greatly vary—however, the average cost among salons in the United States falls somewhere between the fifty and one hundred dollar range. If you’re scheduling an appointment with Booksy, you don’t have to make a guesstimate for your silk press service. On our convenient app, you’ll find the prices of your favorite services reflected directly next to them. How do I find salons that offer silk press services open now? Check out your options of salons near you that offer silk press services, open now! With ease, you can locate currently open businesses by starting a search on Booksy. All you’ll need to do is complete the fields with your personal information including what service you’re planning on scheduling an appointment to (silk press), where you are currently located (Orlando, Florida), and a preferred appointment time frame. You’re always welcome to choose whichever time frame suits you best, however, by selecting one that is closest to the current time and date, our search engine will return results of those salons that are open now. You can also always check the business hours of individual merchants by heading over to their Booksy business pages and viewing their hours of operation.