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What Is Balayage?

From the French word for “sweep,” balayage is a hand-painted highlighting or hair-coloring technique that results in what’s often referred to as a sun-kissed or sun-bathed appearance. Because the highlights are painted on freehand, they seem to blend in with your hair color for a sun-bathed, natural look. You can even have the stylist apply highlights as lightly or heavily as you personally desire, customizing your look as you see fit.

As you can imagine, in a city as sunny and warm as Orlando, where locals want the tan and sun-kissed look without the time spent in the sun’s harsh UV rays, balayage is a very popular look in Orlando, and Florida overall, indeed. Now, you’re probably wondering…

Will Balayage Suit Me?

It's difficult to pinpoint who wouldn't look good with balayage simply due to the extremely personalizable nature of this look. Because of the many freestyle possibilities with this look, you can utilize unique colors, patterns, designs, and more, as if you were “painting” your hair. With none of the restrictions of messy foils, there's no real limit to how you can look with balayage. Balayage can suit everyone but has a greater effect on longer hairstyles. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your hairstylist ahead of time and ask for a quick color consultation. These are quick (and often free) 15 minute meetings to talk through your intended look, so the stylist can meet your expectations and advise on any foreseen risks.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Balayage?

At hair salons in Orlando, prices can vary depending on the extent of your balayage service, the quality of hair salon, as well as the renown and talent of your hair stylist. On average, the cost of a basic balayage on shoulder-length hair starts around $120 and can run as high as $500. It really depends, again, on the salon, stylist, and extent of service.

How Long Does It Take to Do a Full Balayage?

Individual stylists will, of course, vary, depending on how stylized, personalized, or artistic your balayage will be. Most shoulder-length balayages take around 2 hours on average.

How Often Do You Have to Do Balayage?

Because of how blended the freehand highlights are with your natural hair color, your hair growth is very difficult to notice and requires very little upkeep.Usually, people seek touch-ups or additional balayage services at around 8-12 weeks after their initial appointment.

Where Should I Go for a Balayage?

Thankfully, you’ve got options! Explore the many hair salons in Orlando above, and book your balayage appointment through Booksy today.