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Breaking Down the Price of Ombre Hair in Orlando

Many different factors can affect the cost of ombre, or two-toned, hair, like the: Length of the hair Amount of dye or product needed Experience of the stylist How Much Does Ombre Hair Cost in Orlando, Florida? Because ombre hair requires more precision in its application than a full coloring or highlights, it’s important to find a quality hair stylist who can keep your new look on trend. A shoddy dye job can leave your hair just two-toned, without the cascading general transition area fading between colors. An experienced hair colorist can also help you select colors that complement each other well. Though your ombre styling may cost more with an experienced colorist, rest assured that it doesn’t require touch-ups like full coloring does. There’s no need to go back to have your roots touched up, because they will still be your natural hair color. Though it may cost more up front, ombre hair requires less maintenance than other coloring techniques, which saves money in the long run. Your roots stay their natural color, and unless you cut it off, your ombre style can last up to a full year without further coloring. The Cost of Ombre Hair In Orlando, ombre hair typically costs around $120+. Many upscale salons with celebrity clients and highly experienced colorists can charge up to $400, depending on the length and style of your hair currently. Coloring appointments for ombre hair may require a consultation with a colorist who will examine your hair’s color, thickness, length, and texture. These factors can determine how well the color will penetrate your hair and if additional products will be necessary to achieve the results you want. Factors that Determine the Cost of Ombre Hair If you have longer and thicker hair, the more product is required to color it, and you will pay a higher price. Additionally, if you have previously dyed hair, the process will take longer and require more product, which will increase the price. Sometimes, additional toners or glazes are required to achieve the correct tone. Transitioning from very dark to very light also requires more of the colorist’s time, which would also increase the price you pay. A Quality Colorist is Essential A good colorist is as essential as a good doctor or a good lawyer. Would you trust your hair and self-confidence with anyone less? Don’t let the up-front cost of ombre hair deter you from making an appointment with an experienced colorist in Orlando, Florida—not when Booksy makes finding the best ombre near you so easy to find and book.