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There are many types of massage therapies available on the market from the Swedish massage to deep tissue massage, each with their own unique benefits and advantages—but did you know there’s a massage style that is both relaxing and invigorating, and at the same time aims at stimulating hair growth? A hair massage can be your key to helping you achieve long, lustrous locks and you can book one right in Orlando, Florida! Booksy, the ultimate health, beauty, and wellness application, acts as your personal base for booking appointments online, at any time. There’s no need to search anywhere else, because here you’ll find hundreds of beauty-related businesses and services that you can schedule from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. What is a hair massage and how does it work? Most people have experienced the therapeutic effects of a hair massage during a shampooing session at a salon—but the gentle massaging of the scalp during a wash isn’t just meant for relaxation purposes. Instead, one of the bigger reasons why your hairdresser does this is to promote the growth of healthy hair. The scalp essentially contains small arteries across its entirety, and by using the fingers to create circular massaging movements, the hair follicles connected to those arteries become stimulated, in turn generating hair growth. Because blood carries a variety of important nutrients to the hair follicles, massaging the scalp enables the arteries to dilate and increase blood flow to them. Apart from helping foster new hair growth, hair massages also help with removing impurities from within the scalp’s pores. Impurities and product buildup can often cause a dry, itchy, or even oily scalp. By massaging the head, the contaminants and debris present become loosened up and can help eliminate problems such as dandruff or excess oil. Hair massages are commonly practiced as a part of shampooing treatments at hair salons, but they can also be carried out on their own. If done on their own, they can be performed on dry or wet hair, or combined with the use of an oil to further promote hair growth through the hair growth benefits of various essential oils. How do I choose the best hair massage service in Orlando? Take a browse on Booksy to locate the best hair massage service in Orlando! Our process is simple and straightforward—just start a search by completing the three fields present in our search engine bar. When your listings have appeared below, you can select any business of interest to you and read reviews of what other Booksy clients are saying about them. Or, to further specialize your results you can click on the “Sort by” button which will allow you to arrange your given results by salons recommended by Booksy or the top reviewed listings. How much does a hair massage cost? A hair massage will be priced differently depending on any number of factors including the location of the salon, the duration of the hair massage, and whether it is a solo treatment or a part of a bigger package, like a salon shampooing. Certain salons and spas can also offer add-ons such as essential oils for hair massage treatments, which can result in an additional surcharge. On average, most businesses will price a hair massage at around thirty to seventy dollars for a thirty-minute session, but you can view exact pricing on Booksy where each cost is reflected directly next to the selected service. How do I find businesses that offer hair massage services open now? Booksy operates around the clock, so you can always check your options of hair massage services open now! To find the businesses that are currently open, you’ll want to fill in your criteria in the Booksy search engine bar, found at the top of the page. We’ll just need three pieces of information from you: what service you’re looking to schedule an appointment for (hair massage), what city you’re located in (Orlando, Florida), and a preferred appointment timeframe. You can select any timeframe that works for you, however, if you want to see only businesses open now, you’ll want to input the time and date that is closest to the current one.