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Foot maintenance is hard to stay on top of wherever you live. But when Orlando gives you sandal-wearing weather year round, standards are set high for perfectly kept toes! Getting a good pedicure is not only for looks but actually tremendously aids your overall foot health. Why Is It Important to Get a Pedicure? Decreases Chances of Infection: Getting your cuticles and nails trimmed often will prevent nails from growing inward and causing infection. Preserves Moisture: Feet that are kept moisturized are less likely to crack or blister. Soaking in warm water and the uses of oils and lotions help prevent this from happening. Exfoliation: Although ticklish for most people, shaving dead skin off your heels and balls of your feet encourages new cell growth that gives you smoother looking feet. Promotes Circulation: During most pedicures, your nail tech will give each foot a short massage while they’re applying lotion. Not only does this relax you, but it promotes blood flow to your feet, which is important if you’ve been sitting at work all day. What Pedicure Techniques Can I Find in Orlando? Unlike manicures, the process of a pedicure in Orlando is rather straightforward since there are less variations. The actual polishing of your toenails, depending on which method you choose, takes up approximately 10 minutes of your 50 minute to one hour pedicure. Before any kind of polish comes out, you can expect foot soaking, exfoliation, oil and lotion application, and nail trimming, filing and shaping. Gel Services Some salons in Orlando offer gel services for your pedicure, in which a special gel polish is painted onto your toenails, followed by placing your toes into a UV or LED light machine for about a minute after each coat is applied. This hardens the polish to your nail, leaving you with stronger nails that are less likely to chip before 3-4 weeks time. Gel pedicures cost around $35-40. Traditional Pedicure A traditional pedicure includes the same polish prep as a gel pedicure, just for about half the price. With the wear and tear that our feet go through every day, this polish will last you no longer than two weeks without chipping. You can expect a regular polish pedicure to run you about $20-25. Where Can I Find a Quality Pedicure in Orlando? If you scroll back up to Booksy’s listings, you’ll find a variety of experienced and professional nail techs in Orlando to choose from. View past work, customer reviews, and available appointment times that work for your schedule. Get booking! A Breakdown of Pedicure Prices in Orlando, Florida Sometimes it feels like pedicures can vary so much in price, even when you’re not getting anything fancy like a moisturizing paraffin treatment or a rejuvenating salt (or sugar) scrub. So, what factors cause the price of pedicures to vary from place to place in beautiful Orlando? Believe it or not, the biggest factor in pricing differences is nail polish quality. You may not have thought about this before, but some nail polish brands are leagues better quality than others. From brush quality and polish thickness to color vibrancy and durability, better nail polish makes a difference. After all, do you want your nails chipping the day after you paid good money for that pedicure? How Much Do Pedicures Cost in Orlando, Florida? Most pedicures in Orlando start out at around $30 for a basic pedicure. If you’re in need of a little extra in the form of moisturizing or exfoliating treatments, those start out at about $40–50 per treatment (including everything that comes with a basic pedi). The Price of Happy Feet Look down at your feet right now. Do they need some professional help? Orlando isn’t a closed-toe shoe kind of city, so maybe it’s time for a pedicure. Think of it as an investment in yourself—plus now you know how to ensure that it’s money well spent!