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Permanent Hair Straightening Chicago

Guests at local Chicago hair salons have found permanent hair straightening tames frizzy locks and makes for easier daily styling in the windy city. Humidity in the spring and summer months, followed by frigid temps and dry air can wreak havoc on your locks. Restructuring treatments that change the texture of the hair are a great way to simplify your styling routine and create a fashion-forward look. Types of Permanent Hair Straightening Techniques Whether you are looking to just soften your tight curls into a more manageable wave, or want stick-straight glossy locks, there are a variety of hair straightening and restructuring options available at Chicago hair salons. Local salons offer a range of permanent hair straightening options. For softening ethnic and excessively curly or kinky hair textures a more traditional relaxer is often the best approach. Guests with finer textured or particularly frizzy or thick hair may seek out a Brazilian Blowout or Brazilian Keratin treatment which can help loosen tight curls and impart shine, smoothness, and reduce frizz. The Hair Straightening Service & What Expect With more traditional hair relaxing, the straightening effect is permanent. This means that in 4-6 weeks, you may begin seeing new hair growing in with its natural texture, with the rest of your hair maintaining the straight and sleek look until the locks are cut off. For Brazilian and other Keratin treatments, expect to see the shine and silky-smooth effects for up to 10-12 weeks, with minimal styling or flat ironing needed to maintain the look. Hair Straightening Aftercare & Cost Salon goers who choose to permanently straighten their locks are encouraged to avoid coloring or bleaching the hair for at least two weeks after the retexturizing service. Your stylist will also go over the best products, including at-home conditioning treatments to keep your hair looking as sleek and shiny as when you left the salon. Most permanent relaxer treatments begin around $100, with Brazilian restructuring treatments averaging $400+. Where to Find Permanent Hair Straightening Services in Chicago Browse our listings on Booksy for a stylist skilled in permanent hair straightening today!