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  • Carter.DoesHair

    14.3 mi 1640 w division st, Loft 1, Chicago, 60622

    I-Tip adjustment

    If you are a current client we will book this together. If you are a new client we will need to do a consultation, either in person or via email. If you cannot make an in person visit please email a full description of your needs along with photos of your current hair/extension!

    Extension Consultation *

    Extensions run anywhere from 250$-3,000$ depending on individual need. If you cannot make an in person consultation please email clear photos of your current hair with a description of it along with photos of your end goal.

    Color Consultation*

    Want to make a drastic change? Let's talk about it! If you cannot make an in person consultation please email clear photos of your current hair with a description of it along with photos of your end goal
  • Lamont Williams

    19.7 mi 4653 South King Drive, Chicago, 60653


    This service includes permanent hair color


    This service include Clipper Cuts and razor lining


    This service includes Clipper cut in razor lining
  • Danyel Nicole Beauty

    16.8 mi 233 E Erie, Suite 419, Chicago, IL, 60611

    Hair Extension Consultation


    Color consultation


    Womans Haircut

    All my haircut started with a consultation. If you have a photo of your desired look you, I welcome it! All my haircuts come with shampoo and blow-dry. Hot tool service is extra.

SNS nails in Chicago

When it comes to nails, most women think about two key factors: length and strength. Chicagoans know that keeping beautiful nails isn’t always easy, especially in the cold winter months when dry air wreaks havoc on skin and nails. While our genetics impact nail durability and rate of growth, the beauty industry has countered those factors with treatments like acrylic artificial nails that laugh in the face of cold weather breakage.

While beautiful, acrylic nails, unfortunately, have a negative impact on the overall health of nails in the long term. For those folks looking to have the glamorous length and long-lasting color of acrylics without the damage, SNS (Signature Nail Systems) offer an amazing alternative.

What are SNS Nails?

SNS (Signature Nail System) is a form of dip powder nail treatment that leaves your nails beautiful, long, and can help them grow stronger over time thanks to being enriched with vitamins and minerals. Unlike traditional shellac manicures or acrylic nails, SNS nails often last upwards of two weeks!

How Much Do SNS Nails Cost in Chicago?

In Chicago, expect to pay between $40-60 for an SNS manicure.

How to Find an Expert SNS Nail Tech in Chicago

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